Standing Room Only at Posey’s Florida Town Hall Meeting

More than 900 voters on Florida’s central east coast RSVP’d, and half again as many turned out this afternoon in a standing room only crowd at a local hotel for Rep. Bill Posey‘s scheduled town hall.  When Posey returns to Washington tomorrow — Tuesday — to begin the 112th session, he will be bringing with him a clear message from the people he represents:  Kill the Health Bill.  Give the military the funding it needs to win.  Save the Space Program and the thousands of jobs connected with it around the country.

Posey is one of a handful of congressional reps who actually stays in touch with and listens to those he represents — voters in the 15th District, which comprises most of Brevard County (the Space Coast, home to Kennedy Space Center), Indian River County, and Osceola County (home to DisneyWorld).

Posey reported on the 2009 legislative session before taking impromptu questions that audience members had written on index cards and dropped into a glass box.  He answered each one as it was pulled from the box by his wife Katie. Cards were chosen at random, without prior vetting.

Posey held up a portion of the Stimulus Bill.  The audience booed.

During the Christmas congressional recess, Posey held round table discussions with the newly elected city officials from Indian River County and Brevard County.   He also held open forum town halls in all three counties.Following the two-hour town hall meeting, Posey took a moment to meet individually with attendees, including yours truly.

Rep. Bill Posey flanked by wife Katie (l) and Andrea Shea King (r)


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