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USS Independence (LCS-2)

“Meet the Pirate Catcher”!    Little did I know when I wrote that post on January 9th that it would attract more visitors to my blogsite than any other post in my nearly four-year blogging history!

Thousands of you have come by to take a look at the “pirate catcher”, the USS Independence tri-hull, weapon loaded monster that is designed to patrol coastlines all over the world.  This cutting edge warship is the latest in the US Navy’s family of vessels that have borne the Independence name and it will be commissioned — or “brought to life” at a ceremony this Saturday, Jan 16th in Mobile, AL. Read more here.  And…

Diana Nagy, Singer/Songwriter

Our guest tonight — singer songwriter Diana Nagy of Tea Party Express fame —  will participate in the commissioning ceremony when she sings our national anthem and her original song “Where Freedom Flies”.  Diana has a very special connection to this latest addition to the Independence family, and tonight she’ll tell us what that is.

Join us for a special visit from a patriotic gal who has toured the nation with the Tea Party Express, entertaining fellow Americans at rallies across the country. Tonight she’s ours!

To join us, link here:

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