There are so many good pieces out there that I want to share with you.  Here’s one of them.  Written by Vanderleun at the American Digest, it is well worth your consideration. (Hat tip to Larwyn).

Obama: Not Man Enough to Be President

[Note: I’ll be traveling for a day and so, in light of the SOTUS last night, I am reposting this from October of 2008. That’s before the election, before the anointing, and before the fall. Nothing I have seen since that October has dissuaded me. And I still pray he is never really tested. The Cowardly Lion makes for great fiction but not as a leader in the real world. That’s a recipe for disaster.]

The Wizard of Oz – If I Only Had the Nerve
What an enormous number of sheaths!
Isn’t the kernel soon coming to light?
I’m blessed if it is! To the innermost centre,
It’s nothing but sheaths – each smaller and smaller –
Nature is witty!

Henrik Ibsen, Peer Gynt, Act V, Sc.5

When you peel off the layers of signifying and symbolizing, of blathering and bamboozling, Obama lacks in the elemental qualities of manliness necessary to be President. Obama is like the onion in Peer Gynt. Take away the layers there’s nothing at the core.

You’ll peel past many layers about helping people, about caring, about giving and devotion of the Obama onion. Those pungent peels taste good to the poor, the grasping, the gullible, the craven, and the rich-so-rich that nothing dents their days. The layers remain the common malarkey of the con-man who hopes that by stimulating your greed for grub or good feelings now, he’ll be able to hoover your bank account later. It’s an old con and it works. That’s why con-men are always with us; not because they are so smart, but because so many are so stupid. Con-artists (and Obama is a brilliant flim-flam flinger) not only know this, they depend upon it.

Obama is very much a man with “a hand full of gimme and a mouth full of much obliged.” Just this morning, as he has for so many mornings, he wrote to me asking for five bucks. This after he squandered so many millions just last night with his noninfomercial for flaming narcissists of all five genders. It’s obvious the man and his minions can’t handle money.

The money, however, is trivial. What is critical is whether or not the person for whom I’m voting has the right stuff to lead this country. Right up at the top of that list for me is manliness. And by that I do not mean a quality exclusive to men. Rather I mean the old-fashioned values of courage and the ability to do the right thing, the strong thing, under pressure – regardless of the consequences. Those who do not know what I mean by “manliness” by now will never know it, but by way of example I’ll cite the most recent President to possess it, George Bush.

Regardless of the perverted souls who look upon him as their inner Satans made manifest, the manliness of Bush is really not open to question. Some would say that it is, perhaps, too much with him, that he should have been a more subtle player in the fields of power politics. That’s for history to decide in the long term. The hard fact of our present moment is that nobody has attacked America on its home soil since September 11.

“No attacks” is not an accident. This is because there was, in the minds and hearts of our many enemies, no doubt as to what might happen to them and their countries if such an attack had come. No doubt. None. Niente. Nada. Zero. Zip. The only question was whether the Bush response would be in the form of an airborne division or a small, man-made sun being brought to life about 5,000 feet above their capitol city. This is not a bad question for our enemies to have in mind. The question itself keeps the terrible answer at bay. They ask the question and then remember our 18 ballistic missile submarines somewhere at sea.

In an essay in early September I asked: Does Obama Possess Courage?

What has Obama done that demonstrates real, classical courage? I would really like to know. To my mind, courage is a far more necessary element for a leader of the United States to possess than any other. It even trumps experience. I’ve heard a lot from Obama and his supporters about it taking “courage to vote for Obama.” But really all it takes to do that is to get to a polling place in November, go into a voting booth, and pull a lever, push a button, or mark a paper. It takes no courage at all.

Since then nothing I’ve observed makes me think Obama has a shred of personal courage. Perhaps he does, but if so he has been keeping a very low profile in courage. He’s never been tested for courage — even as his opponent has met and prevailed over such tests time and again.

In place of courage there’s a persistent whiff of something ineffably feminine about Obama. He is, at bottom, the very model of a modern metrosexual. This, of course, accounts for his appeal in the cities and among the youth. It does not reassure. When it comes to the Republic, I prefer Caesar over Caligula.

A glance around the world tells all who are not in a media-induced stupor that the globe is getting more dangerous by the day. The temperature of the human race is going up, and hotter is not better. Last month, before they locked Biden in that campaign attic reserved for crazy relations and mouth-shooting-off wives, the man told everyone that, yes, they’re going to test Obama. But he said we shouldn’t worry because Obama has “steel in his spine.”

Really? Maybe when it comes to running internet porn site standards on his credit-card scams. Perhaps when it comes to getting his minions to try and ruin a plumber in the mid-west. Maybe when it comes to electrifying the weakest of our youth; a youth fattened on a life of peace and circuses.

But a wider world awaits the next President; a world that can kill 3,000 Americans at their place of work in a single morning. A world that wants to see, more than anything, the destruction of American hegemony so that their dreams of conquest can go forward unabated.

After thousands of years of crawling up from the swamp of totalitarianism we can see, at last, in the distance a world where this ancient nightmare is removed from the world. But we cannot get there if America does not stand.

Again. The world cannot rid itself of the terror of totalitarianism if America does not stand.

For that to happen we need to have a leader — man or woman — who possesses real, demonstrated courage. For that to become true we need to have a leader who has — man or woman — real manliness.

Obama is intelligent, charming, good-looking, stylish, well-educated and slick. He’s everything that other people who value such surfaces look for… not in a leader, but in an icon. And that’s what they’re buying by buying Obama, an icon. A glowing plastic post-modern Jesus for the dashboard of their Prius. They know, as we all know by now, that he can talk the talk. He just can’t walk the walk. He’s soft talk and no stick.

I keep coming back to the one indisputable fact first spoken in Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech: “There is only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you … in places where winning means survival and defeat means death.”

One of those places where defeat means death is in the Oval Office on a very bad day.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying Obama is not a man. He’s just not man enough for the job.

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