The comments are rolling in.  And it’s interesting to see which side of the fence they’re falling on and from whom.

Evidently I struck a chord with the post I wrote earlier — “Mark Levin – Petty and Envious” — about Mark Levin and his take on Glenn Beck, so I thought I’d share a few of the comments I’m receiving via email. The others can be seen in the comment section following that post.

The clip I included of Levin’s comments were mild compared to others I’ve heard him say.  No matter.  I believe we’re ultimately all on the same side, and each has his/her own style.  Evidently Beck’s isn’t to everyone’s liking, but his ratings are indisputably phenomenal, so he’s doing something right.  If he implodes at some future date, so be it.  He will have affirmed what his critics are saying.

So… Beck’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea.  Nor is Levin — or for that matter, el Rushbo.  But as Rush says, “We all have a role to play.”

And to RS McCain – my love, my dear, blogger extraordinaire…  if I put you in an awkward spot by keying off your post, mea culpa, t’was not my intent.  But I know you’re adroit enough to handle it, and so you have in your follow up post.  Thanks for the linkage, and all the best, mon ami!  Herewith, some of my readers’ thoughts on the matter.  I’m glad my post (and The Other McCain’s) prompted the discussion, and in at least one case, a post by Bookworm at her site (excerpted at bottom of this post).

Hello, fellow patriot!

I wanted to comment on yesterday’s feature of Levin’s churlish, juvenile battering of Glenn Beck.

I agree with you completely, and have sent Mark Levin 2 emails on this topic over the past several months.

Your conclusion concerning “what makes Mark run” is right on target. He is so jealous that such a “Johnny-come-lately” (as Mark regards Glenn) could come roaring onto the scene, stealing the One-and-Only Mark Levin’s thunder……..and precisely at the moment in February, 2009, when Mark’s best-selling Liberty and Tyranny was catapulting Mark into greater prominence than he had ever enjoyed in his distinguished life.

Along comes this “back bencher,” and Levin went ballistic.

His concentration on Glenn diminishes himself, while raising Glenn Beck’s importance and popularity. Mark Levin simply doesn’t realize how petty this crusade makes him, how it illustrates a true character flaw on his part (can’t tolerate competition), and frankly how VAIN Mark Levin really is.

Just wanted to let you know that I agree with you completely………….and had I been the one writing the commentary, I probably wouldn’t have been as soft as you were. I listen to Levin every evening, but also love Glenn Beck. They both contribute to educating millions of Americans on the pernicious agenda underway for stripping us of our liberties. Each has his own place in this effort. Mark Levin should be praising and embracing Beck and his efforts. That he does the opposite reveals what a small man resides within that big 6′ 4″ frame.


“Mark Levin is superior in every way to Glenn Beck, is far more consistent in articulating conservative principles and cognizant of the fact tht the movement has made great strides in just 12 months.At the root of Mark’s “rant” is the idea that any person of influence who would treat Ron Paul as a legitimate candidate for higher office, is not a reasonable person.This is exactly what Glenn Beck has done.”


Great piece!”


“Consider the terrified spirit of a man who consistently denigrates others in an attempt to build himself up.  The self-image of a frightened child!  If Levin had gone after the pompous O’Reilly, I might have applauded him.  Someone needs to poke a pin into that overinflated pomposity who constantly irritates me by referring to “the folks” in tones that indicate he thinks of his audience as a lesser form of humanity!  He’s a major tool!”


“No time to argue, but feel compelled to lodge a hearty disagreeing
voice on this one. Levin was calm and classy if direct, and far from
petty. Envious is emotionally charged conjecture that is very
subjective in its bitter application. Sorry.”


I so agree Andrea – those were my thoughts exactly when G. told me about Levin yesterday. I was shocked and dismayed over it. Family Security Matters also published an article today calling Beck the anti-conservative. What the hell?”


Andrea…. your commentaries are always excellent and thought-provoking, as is this one. But I’m afraid I have to depart from your opinion about the Levin-Beck mini-brouhaha. I heard Levin’s comments on Beck in which he cautioned Beck not to diminish the stalwart conservatives whose longtime efforts he should be applauding. It sounded quite benevolent and non-threatening to me. When I compare Levin to Beck, it’s the giant and the pygmy.

Personally I find Beck unwatchable…. literally, physically impossible to watch…. in fact, downright cringe-producing. I do think he has good writers and that a lot of the information is excellent. But oh my God…the mugging, eye-popping, almost Tourette’s Syndrome vehicle!

And one more thing: it’s one thing to have been threatened by Fox not to mention the birth certificate issue or to find it, as Breitbart does, a distraction from other issues. But it’s quite another thing to hurl gratuitous insults at those of us who actually value the Constitution, as Beck claims to do but clearly doesn’t when it comes to the eligibility question.

For this reason alone, both Beck and O’Reilly have completely vanished from my own radar screen. They are simply not credible… in fact they appear to me to be variations of Elmer Gantry, and I predict they will come to the same end, ultimately revealed as the phony snake-oil salesmen they both are. I hope you interpret my venting in the positive way it was intended.”


I don’t listen to Levin as often as I would like to so I might have
missed what Andrea is referring to, but I sure didn’t hear a rant in the
clip linked.  In that 2:11 minute clip Levin says nothing worse about
Beck than the stuff Beck routinely says about himself. In fact, Levin is
more calm and measured in that clip than usual.  I thought his advice
was good about being wary of the MSM and of being careful not to divide
conservatives right now.

I really like both Beck and Levin (and I love Andrea).  But both men
have their strengths and weaknesses.  When Beck acts all silly and loopy
and clownlike (as he often refers to himself) to make a point he does
forfeit to some extent the ability to later come across as serious. He
makes it easier for those who disagree with him to paint him as a
nutjob. When Levin yells and calls people idiots and much worse he
forfeits the ability to come across as reasonable and measured and makes
it easier for his detractors to point to him as an angry white man.

Beck is obviously having an enormous impact now due to the popularity of
his show. The work his researchers are doing is amazing, and his show is
highly entertaining.  Levin has done some incredible work through his
radio show and his best selling book, Liberty and Tyranny, too though in
educating the public about conservative principles. (And before that
with his Men in Black book about the Supreme Court.) I don’t like it
when we aim our ammunition at each other instead of the opponents, but
in this case, at least from the clip provided, it comes across more to
me like friendly advice than as an attack or as anything petty or
envious. I am only going from this short clip, taken out of context, and
have not heard Levin’s show in a while so he may have been attacking or
ranting on Beck elsewhere, but I just didn’t hear it in this clip.

The last thing we need is to fan any flame war between two people who
are doing great work for the conservative cause. It diverts attention
from important legislative issues that need all our energy right now.
Just my two cents.


Great post, Andrea, and one that got me thinking:

Looking for the Happy Warrior

Bookworm on Feb 23 2010 at 12:49 pm

Andrea Shea King has an interesting post today, castigating Mark Levin for his “petty” and “envious” attack on Glenn Beck.  Her post is very useful in highlighting the divisions in the conservative side of the political spectrum, divisions that are sometimes so deep, both as to style and substance, that they might foreshadow conservatives managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2012.

As for me, I neither watch nor read Beck, but occasionally find myself listening to Levin on the radio because my carpool driving falls during Levin’s show. I invariably turn Levin off after about 5 minutes. His substance is great, but his style is so angry, I can’t deal with it.  I’m with Andrea in finding off-putting the name-calling and chronic derision.

Thinking about Levin made me think of the idea of the whole notion of the Happy Warrior. Certainly Reagan had that quality. He saw and named America’s enemies, but he had a sunny optimism that instantly destroyed any attempts to call him paranoid.

(read the rest)


Please bear with me while I bare my background.  My wife and I have attended 6 or 7 tea party events including two 4 o’clock fridays at a1a and 520.    At the Kts. of Columbus affair I was the one with the 1/28/07 front page reprint of Our Daily Rag account of RINO Crist’s repudiation of his election positions and  asked why should I vote for such a low-life. My wife and I retired to Brevard in ’01 after we two had taught for 30 yrs. in the ‘inner city” schools of Indpls, Boston and Phila.

In 1950 (age 12) I became a Marxist.  Both my parents were 5th grade dropouts, worked at unskilled labor jobs and, most summers, were in the fields of S. Jersey doing stoop labor. They worked hard and died young. I was raised in extreme poverty.  I came by my Marxism the hard way!   No middle class comforts, unlike 95% of my “comrades”.

From 1956 to 1978 I was a 24/7, 365 activist.  I studied, debated, wrote. taught classes in Marxist history, theory, strategy and tactics. But I was an anti-leninist, someone whom Vladimir Ulanov would call a “left-wing communist”.  In 1956, along with Michael Harrington of the SP-SD Federation, I attended my first Communist Party event. It was an intimate CP youth party, on the Penn (my alma mater) campus for CPer  Peggy Seegar, folk-singer, (sister of CPer Pete Seegar). That very day she had taken the 5th in Wash. DC Congressional hearings and was now smirking that she “told them nothing”.

For over 20 years I worked with numerous groups of socialists, communists, black panthers, weathermen, anarchists, ad nauseum.  I came to know them all intimately, their various platforms, slogans, codewords, tactics, etc.   In 1978,  in shame and self-disgust, I forcefully and completely divorced myself from all contact with the Left, thanks in great part to Ronald Reagan.  Ever since I have voted straight conservative Republican and was very active up north.  I guess many would derisively call me a “neo-con”, but, for what it’s worth I’m of Sicilian-Scots Irish descent.

I greatly respect Glen Beck and the work he is doing but he is still learning. He is right on when he talks about contemporary people, issues and the conflicts with our Constitution but, from my experience, his history of leftism is off.  I share David Horowitz’s perspective and am glad Beck has him on the show frequently.

This apologia is way,way too long.  Sorry if I’ve bored you, sorrier if I made you angry. I’m in the phone book and will talk to anybody.


I’m shocked to see and hear this Andrea.  I don’t believe Glenn is dividing anything, just telling the truth.  I’m even more astounded about the playing footsy with the other media.  That’s as far from the truth as possible.  Rush was quite classy today when someone tried to draw a comment about Glenn, also.  Rush said he simply does not talk about others in the same media.  I was pleased Rush called-out Bill O’Reilly on his support for the Communist-in-Charge in the White House.


Glenn Beck has some great points – I get suspicious because of his friendliness with O’Reilly, a genuine ass hole.  It would be a shame if the “conservative movement” self destructed due to in-fighting.