Where was McAmnesty during the presidential campaign when the question of Obama’s mysterious and questionable background was swirling in the blogosphere?  When the Senate determined that McCain himself was a natural born citizen of two American parents, but ignored Obama’s obviously questionable nativity? McCain deliberately refused to go there.

He wouldn’t use it then to discredit the man believed by many to be in violation of the Constitutional requirements for president.  Not even to save his own sorry behind. But he’ll use it now in his race to keep his Senate seat?  What a cheap suit.

From Hot Line On Call:

Ex-Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R) stayed atop the conservative mind with a radio show on the biggest conservative talk station in Phoenix. But the show is proving a treasure trove of oppo research for his rival, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

McCain’s camp is taking a new angle on Hayworth, accusing him of being a birther for comments Hayworth made during his radio career. In a new clip, from July ’09, Hayworth says “questions continue” about Obama’s birth certificate.

Oh, this is rich.

“Equal justice under law: Doesn’t that include this president and his birth certificate?” Hayworth asked on the July 15 show, according to a recording the McCain campaign is sending to reporters.

“Mr. Hayworth can run from his record, but he can’t hide,” McCain spokesperson Brian Rogers said of the clip. “We welcome Mr. Hayworth attempting to shift positions on this issue, but he can’t obscure his real record as he backtracks. Facts are stubborn things, JD.”

And this is laughable.  McCain wouldn’t go near this issue with someone else’s 10-foot pole during the presidential campaign, but now?  Such a hypocrite.  But then, that’s no surprise, “my friend”.

McCain has been running radio ads critical of Hayworth’s record on spending, an indication, Hayworth told Hotline OnCall, that McCain is in “panic” mode. McCain has also distributed talking points on Hayworth’s record to friendly GOPers in AZ, another sign he’s taking Hayworth’s challenge seriously.

Hayworth’s team dismisses the controversy over his birther comments, attributing them to a need to stir up controversy on the radio.

What of Hayworth’s walk back from his earlier statements agreeing that Obama should produce his b/c?

“As a talk show host, it was J.D.’s job to provoke discussion, including on this issue since people were calling in about it,” said Jason Rose, Hayworth’s senior advisor. “Questions were asked when that topic was in the news. Those questions have been answered to the satisfaction of jd and most of america. The issue is closed.”

McCain is calling in his chits.

Endorsements have been forthcoming from conservatives and GOPers like Grover Norquist, Sarah Palin and Bill Bennett.  McCain also won backing from ex-rival/ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney (R), who called McCain essential to the Senate in a press release today.

“It’s hard to imagine the United States Senate without John McCain, especially in the critical times we find ourselves in, with double-digit unemployment, a mountain of debt imperiling future generations and a global terrorist threat from jihadists bent on destroying our very way of life,” Romney said in a press release today. “It is times like these that we look to leaders of character.”

McCain, Hayworth, Romney, et all aren’t worth a pound of pee, much less our support. Shaking my head here.  Politics stinks out loud, doesn’t it?  I am thinking of a sexual term to describe what’s going on here, but I’m too much of a lady to say what it is.  Use your imagination…