Mr. President, We the People…

We the People…

Last Tuesday we spent some time on the radio show with Jeff Kuhner, a patriot with a microphone.  Today, show producer Dave Logan makes note at his site of Kuhner’s newest weekly column in the Washington Times.

When it comes to his opinion of Obama, Kuhner doesn’t mince words–he hits the audience with cold, hard facts about Obama, his past, his inner circle and what’s in store for America if Obama and the progressives continue to hold power.”

Be sure to click over to Dave’s site where you’ll find more gold.

Later this afternoon, our friend and listener Nathan of Orlando sent this video, asking if I was the one who narrated it.  I’m not.  But I sure do like the message.  I think you will too.


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  1. I heard this on Loki’s show and had to come find it. I, too thought it was you. Thank you for posting it.

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