A long way to go, and a short time to get there.

No show tonight.  Laryngitis.  Was out with a crowd last Friday night and caught a bug.  So I’m loading up on Zicam, echinacea, vitamins, and tea, waiting it out.  Gotta get well, and get my immune system in tip top shape for the upcoming 3-week national tour with the Tea Party Express, where I’ll be meeting crowds of thousands. (Antibacterial handwash packed? Check.)

So while I’m being a slug, lying around on the couch with my fave blankie and a cup of hot tea, I’m watching what passes for “news” on Fox.  Would someone tell me why the Fox newsroom doesn’t follow up on all the stuff Glenn Beck’s been uncovering for months?  Why does this “news” operation act as though he’s just the resident rodeo clown?  It makes me crazy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked that question.  Have you noticed it too?  They spend all day yammering on about missing persons, car chases, fat-ass women who weigh 700 pounds, and other trivial tabloid inanities that have absolutely no bearing on our lives beyond cheap titillation. It’s the supermarket checkout Enquirer that passes for “Fair and Balanced” news.  Sorry Shep.  It’s crap.  Roger Ailes should be ashamed.

And when they do get to what’s going on in Washington on Capitol Hill or in the White House, it’s more trivialities.  Drilling down on the sport of politics, wasting precious airtime on horse races instead of informing their viewers of  the critical big picture. Featuring leftist kooks like Beckel, Powers, Henican, and now Podesta, Sharpton, and others leftist queens, giving them a highly visible platform to spew their toxic BS.  It’s about ratings, baby.  Bloviator O’Reilly Inside Edition-style “T and A”.  It disgusts me. And drives me away as a viewer.

Why is it that the only ones talking about the important, critical  issues are Judge Andrew Napolitano and Glenn Beck?  Can you tell me?


Anyway, I wanted to tell you about a post I read last night. It was written by the Chicago Buzz boys.  It moved me.  Really.  I know that we Americans have squandered our inheritance and it will take a spiritual restoration to save us from our folly.  To save us from national ruination resulting from decades of inattention, taking for granted and abusing the freedom and liberty hard earned for us by those who came before, who risked their lives, their fortunes to create such a nation.

So, the boys at HillBuzz wrote a very personal plea for our nation.  They went to church and lit some candles.  Lots of candles.  Kevin was afraid they might set the place on fire, but his friend “Panda” figured there was enough holy water there to take care of any problem a conflagration might cause. Humorous, in the wonderful way Kevin can weave into a sobering piece.  I think they’re right on target.

It’s also what Glenn Beck talked about on his TV program today. What we have to do, must do, whether or not this abomination of the Marxist Obama’s passes through the Speaker Pelosi’s Slaughter demon-rule.  We must return to Faith.  Hope.  Charity.  The virtues and values our country was founded upon.  A belief in God, the creator, and obeisance to His laws.

Glenn also talked about the perilous financial situation we and the rest of the world are in.  Moody’s warned that we are walking a tightrope, and our debt will force us to make painful choices that expose weaknesses in our society. Better buck up.  And buckle up.

“Growth alone will not resolve an increasingly complicated debt equation. Preserving debt affordability at levels consistent with AAA ratings will invariably require fiscal adjustments of a magnitude that, in some cases, will test social cohesion,” said Pierre Cailleteau, the chief author.

Have you seen the rioting taking place in Greece, where the wheels have come off and their economy is sideways?  Riots.  They’re burning the place down. That’s us if we don’t stop these crazy wild-eyed Commies in Congress.  We’re looking into our future.

For too long, we have allowed the Godless among us to set the agenda.  We’ve been lazy, apathetic, complacent.  We boomers tuned in, turned on, and dropped out. And like termites, the Godless radicals among us ate through the moral fabric of our society, destroying the healthy culture needed to sustain our exceptionalism.

Am I making sense to you?  Does any of this make sense to you?


I reorganized my bookcases today.  I’ve never counted how many books I have, but it has to be at least a couple hundred or more.  I’ve given away just about all of the fictions to make room for the non-fiction titles by contemporary authors, many of whom I’ve interviewed.  One shelf is devoted entirely to the Jihad, Terrorism, and the Middle East.  Another holds books about WWII.  The next, books written about the “war on terror” , many by men who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Finance and the economy. Politics. American history. Foreign policy. Biographies.  Presidents. I’ve so many, I’ve stacked some horizontally rather than side by side vertically.  Some of the shelves sag with their weight.  Books stacked on the chest at the foot of my bed, on my night table, beside my work area here where I sit, and wherever else I can stash them.  If I lost them to flood or fire, I’d be heartbroken.  Weird?  Many of my books are in various stages of reading, pages marked with beautifully tassled bookmarks or slips of post-it paper.  Kinda like my life — lots of things in progress, very little completed.

I came across several books I had forgotten about — notably, one written by M. Stanton Evans titled “Blacklisted By History, The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy”.

I had to laugh at the irony, as I had interviewed Stanton Evans when the book came out.  You’d think I’d have remembered that, since we’ve been talking about McCarthy on my radio program, how he was unfairly characterized.  To this day, his name is synonymous with ‘witch hunt”.  But he knew there were Communists in our government.  There were communist organizations throughout the country, and yes, even in Hollywood where they’ve since thrived, thick as kudzu in Tinseltown, choking off John Wayne-like patriotism of another time.

McCarthy lies vindicated in his grave.  We have put a Communist in the Oval Office.   And Jihadists with US government badges, hiding in plain sight too.

Dear God, we need your Divine Protection.


Beck says we are entering a dark tunnel. We’re on the beaches of Normandy.  There’s no turning back.  Those of us who have been paying attention have known that for some time.  We’ve seen the storm clouds gathering, and we know.  Many of our fellow countrymen are just now waking from their dull-minded, thick-tongued slumber, scratching themselves, blinking, asking “What’s going on?”  But there are not enough of them and not awakening soon enough.  I want to yell like Paul Revere galloping through the streets at midnight screaming “They’re here!  They’re here!  Grab your muskets!”

I am so looking forward to the three weeks I’ll be on the road with the Tea Party Express.  Talking to America.  Listening to America.  Writing about America.

It’s hard to keep a Christian heart for those whose greed and avarice have brought this on and the useful idiots who defend them, and provide them cover.  Those in whom we Americans placed our trust.  I’m talking about those in Congress — this one and all the previous Congresses that came before.  And the media.  Especially the media, whose duty and protection are proscribed by the 1st Amendment.  A press that has been shameless advocates for the Godless because they are statists too.  A media that thinks its a tongue clucking big deal when Bret Baier challenges the president with hard questions, forgetting that it’s their job.

And it’s hard to forgive ourselves for thinking that our civic duty began and ended with a vote.  Big deal, huh?  Ain’t we sumthin’.  We voted.  Big frigging deal.  If there wasn’t an R or D at the end of the balloted name, most of us wouldn’t have known who the heck to vote for.

To our shame and peril, we ignored the reminder, the inarguable warning Ronald Reagan gave us:

We are fighting an enemy from within.  We let the enemy inside the wire, we let the enemy dig deep roots, and we let the enemy flourish.  Now the enemy is poised to consume us. This is the Battle of the Bulge.  Where’s Patton?  WE are Patton,  Each of us must be.  Because this awful move that Nancy Pelosi and the Barack-ocrats are set to make is catastrophic to our republic.  They don’t care.  They lie. They cheat. They steal. They’re salivating.  Their god is almighty power. And they’re this close to achieving it. Their end justifies their means.  Nothing else matters.  It’s the Communist way.

“If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people … must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.”Federalist No. 33

Do you understand what that means?

Do you???


I frequently end my show with a song familiar to many of you.  It’s the theme from Smoky and the Bandits.  The words are uncannily relevant to where we are now in history.  We’ve got a long way to go, and a short time to get there.  Now, I may not have done a show tonight, my voice being what it is, but I’ll end this the way I would have if we had all been together on BTR:  Eastbound and down.  Just put that hammer down and give her hell…

By Radiopatriot

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