May the sound of a baby’s cry haunt him for the rest of his days.  And nights.


“George Santayana said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeating history. Today marks the 245 anniversary of the passing of The Stamp Act. It was repealed one year later, however the spark of the American Revolution was ignited.

In this most timely hour, let us learn from our history, let us learn from the ways of the sons of liberty, let us be heartened by their example. A spark has been ignited and a new revolution is underway!”McBuff


By Radiopatriot

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  1. this health care and cap and Trade is about so much more than we all are being told … its why the Government officials don’t want the same health care coverage …..

    and then check the quotes out at this site , scroll down and see what Ted Turner has to say …..

  2. It is all about the new world order and the power to the foreign bankers and the shadow government!

  3. the one thing that all these progressives that are and have been in advisory positions in Governments have in common is the idea that Abortion needs to be implemented , John Holdren and his Co author Paul R. Ehrlich along with this NSSM200 study done by Henry Kissinger , they all promote Abortion as ” Key to their idea about population control . I think there are no Progressives that think we can have a sustainable human element on earth any more with What the Club of Rome calls Wild Capitalism and it along with pro life free thinking people must be contained . Read this by the Club of Rome on Banking , and pay careful attention to the statement about The belief in the view points of Karl Marx and Wild Capitalism , or what we would call Free Enterprise .

  4. When I read and watch these sites and Videos it starts to make sense why all the miscommunications and such revolving around this legislation and the cap and trade legislation trying to evolve , its not American , in my opinion after looking at our population growth estimates I would say we are a perfect model of sustainable population growth now . Even our top Cereal Grains Breeder over the past 60 years Norman Borlaug has reversed his stance on overpopulation , ( which in this list he signed as a proponent of population control, see here ; ) , but the story here tells of the change in his views before his passing , is a point of entry into this debate that can carry some weight when talking about ideas that can bring about reasons to not give up on the plight of survival ; , but the current advisory team advising our President like John Holdren and his Co author Paul R. Ehrlich are running this Health care legislation without any opposing views to the underlining mechanics of this legislation , and we the people have only leaders like you to ask for True Debate over how we move this debate forward with Fair and Equal justice for all , not just Social Justice as the primary article of this new bill .

  5. Hello America are you awake yet…. What more is it going to take before you realize that these people want to overthrow the United States as we know it. They have to lie to get what they want. Every Democrat must be voted out of office so we the people can take back our country. Find the right conservative candidates and put to use your time, your talents and your treasures to elect them.

  6. read these 2 links to understand how we have evolved into this 21st Century over population debate . Its still a Debate if we choose to bring it to these peoples door , they are the ones who have wrote or are written about in these pages and websites ….

    but I didn’t even know this study was done and seems to be the birth of this ideology ; NSSM200 Kissinger wrote this study for Nixon , and said Abortion is Key , the same thing Progressives preach and they have just carried this policy forward to today ;

  7. My sentiments exactly! I was almost fooled by his rhetoric into thinking he had a backbone. I am sorry to say, he does not. How many unborn children will lose what little life they are given because this idiot caved under pressure?

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