All It Takes Is $30K and 24 Hours


Let’s do a 24-hour blast and get ‘er done!

Monday, March 22, 2010

20 DAYS, 42 CITIES, $30,000

Tea Party Express III begins holding court this Saturday in Searchlight, Nevada–SHOWDOWN IN SEARCHLIGHT. TPXIII organizers are working around the clock, making sure every last detail has their attention. And there are many details, some big, some small.

One BIG detail is funding. It costs TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to organize and run the tour coast-to-coast. $30,000 is all that’s left to complete the funding goal for this tour. With your help, we can knock that out in a day or so.

Please DONATE what you can so the organizers can focus their attention elsewhere. And be sure to send this notice out on your email lists. For those in congress, $30,000 is tip money; to us, it’s everything. Thank you.

**NOTE: If you’d like to view live broadcasts from TPXIII rallies, go to Tea Party Sign-up only takes a minute.

By Radiopatriot

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