This aggravation happens every election cycle.  NOW is the time to handle the chronic problem of military absentee ballots not being counted.  Let’s get this thing taken care of now.  Ballots should be sent in the mail by August, get their vote, get the ballots back here, count them and have them ready on election day.  These guys and gals are out there getting their asses shot at – you’d think they’d get to vote.  And we know the folks at ACORN and the White House (but I repeat myself) don’t want that to happen.

There are only two reasons our military votes should not be counted:  (1) If they choose not to vote.  (2) If they’re killed in action*

*Unless they’re from Chicago, in which case, their vote will count twice.

These military ballots end up in a box, don’t get counted, it’s too late, stuck in transit, a million excuses.

The Republicans MUST handle it right now.  Michael Steele, are you listening? RIGHT NOW.

And finally, why am I coming up with this idea?  Why isn’t the GOP proposing and implementing this idea NOW?  IMMEDIATELY?  Every vote counts. We’re going to need every one of them.