Military absentee ballots – What the GOP must do RIGHT NOW.

This aggravation happens every election cycle.  NOW is the time to handle the chronic problem of military absentee ballots not being counted.  Let’s get this thing taken care of now.  Ballots should be sent in the mail by August, get their vote, get the ballots back here, count them and have them ready on election day.  These guys and gals are out there getting their asses shot at – you’d think they’d get to vote.  And we know the folks at ACORN and the White House (but I repeat myself) don’t want that to happen.

There are only two reasons our military votes should not be counted:  (1) If they choose not to vote.  (2) If they’re killed in action*

*Unless they’re from Chicago, in which case, their vote will count twice.

These military ballots end up in a box, don’t get counted, it’s too late, stuck in transit, a million excuses.

The Republicans MUST handle it right now.  Michael Steele, are you listening? RIGHT NOW.

And finally, why am I coming up with this idea?  Why isn’t the GOP proposing and implementing this idea NOW?  IMMEDIATELY?  Every vote counts. We’re going to need every one of them.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Part of the problem with absentee ballots is the mindset of the top brass. While they see it (have seen it) as an obligation to encourage the military members to vote, it is a secondary duty that typically goes to a low ranking company grade officer and little to no over site of the process. It is compounded by the fact that US Military mail creates a new definition of snail mail. The typical mail time from a remote unit to a headquarters installation at a distance of about the length of Indiana takes around 8 days. We can fly around the world in a day. The other issue is the starting time and end game of when they ballot needs to be in the county auditors office to be legitimately counted. First there is the registration process then the mailing of the ballots, signed, sealed and mailed again. Most counties don’t mail the ballots until just days before the election. It gives the military little time to respond. Finally, the certification of election process occurs to quickly in most states. It is going to take a massive effort to correct these problems. It is going to take renewed importance and urgency by all levels of government and the military brass to give soldiers,sailors, marines and airman the legitimacy of their vote.

  2. Just to correct a few things. First, it is mandatory by law for ballots to be mailed out at least 45 days in advance of the election (MOVE Act). What needs to happen is for everyone to request their ballots before this time. If you are not registered or you have not requested an absentee ballot, then they cannot send out your ballot. What happens most often is voters do not see the importance of actually following the steps of the process until it is too late. People want until the last minute to register and request their ballots and by then it’s too late to actually receive it, vote it and send it back into the election office. Second, voting is NOT just a republican or GOP issue. The LEFT is NOT trying to disenfranchise anyone. The left has fought for voting rights for ALL people. Voting crosses party lines. Third, the Dod has policy on who can be voting assistance officers and who should not be. Yes, they want officers, however if there is someone of a younger age or rank who is excited about the issue, they would be accepted. The DoD has recognized that it is a collateral duty however once again this issue has been addressed. Within the YEAR there will be a voting office at each installation worked by a FTE. It will no longer be a collateral duty.

    Finally, it is your right and privilege to vote. It is your responsibility to fill the forms out and get them into your local election office in a timely manner. Problems arise when forms are not filled in correctly, they do not meet deadlines, they are illegible or some other issue. What needs to be addressed is the issue of voters NOT taking responsibility for their votes.

    Maybe, it would help if people like you who say they care to actually help spread the correct word and not hype up old myths and tired lies. Maybe it would help if you told people the correct way of doing things so they are not doing it wrong. I highly suggest military and overseas citizens who wish to vote absentee, visit to find out the proper methods on absentee voting and what is being done to address issues we have.

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