Post Coulter – Henderson NV

As if the adrenaline high of being in Searchlight wasn’t enough, we still had another rally to do in Henderson, NV.  We arrived long after Ann Coulter had come and gone, and the crowd was a quarter that when she was there.  Nevertheless, we sang, danced, and talked with the 500 or so who sat in the Henderson Pavilion.  Our entourage included Wayne Allyn Root, Las Vegas millionaire and former Libertarian vice presidential candidate.  I had interviewed Wayne on my radio show a few weeks prior, so we spent a bit of time backstage chatting.  His father in law was terminally ill, and it weighed heavily on Wayne’s mind.  He was close to his father in law and was grieving, trying to keep his mind focused on the task at hand. Andrew Breitbart joined us again, and told the audience of fellow patriots about the egging incident, and how the lamestream media would spin it.

Here’s Henderson…

By Radiopatriot

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