Hey Dingy Harry, We’re Havin’ a Tea Party!

Harry Reid’s toes must have been curling to see the thousands of Americans who made their way to a place in the middle of nowhere to make a statement:  Harry, you’re outta here!

On the way through Searchlight, the Red Bus was egged by Harry Reid supporters.  Keeping it classy, eh? Andrew Brietbart had plenty to say about it.

We parked the bus directly behind the stage, providing a Tea Party Express backdrop that appeared in every camera shot.  Sweet.

I was wearing a staff badge which gave me access to areas the general public couldn’t get to.  I positioned myself between the bus and the stage, and depending on who was where, I moved back and forth, grabbing photos, chatting with friends like Vic Pomel who drove up from Arizona with a bag filled with his homemade pepper beef jerky for me.  And Doug Gibbs who drove up with his Mom from Marietta, California.  It was a party.  A Tea Par-tee! And we invited the coolest conservatives in the land to kick up some desert dust with us.

By Radiopatriot

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