Throwing Harry a Retirement Party in his home town – Searchlight, NV


Here’s the call sheet we were given — I couldn’t wait to get on stage and say “Hello fellow patriots!” to the “dozens” who came to Harry’s retirement party!

*10:30 AM: A “Candidate’s Forum” is being hosted by the Nevada tea party group, “Anger is Brewing” – this takes place on stage at the rally location.

*11:50 AM: Expected arrival time of “Tea Party Express” caravan from Laughlin.

*11:50 AM: Governor Jim Gibbons riles up crowd to welcome the Tea Party Express

*11:55 AM: Diana Nagy and Selena Owens welcome crowd. Short prayer, national anthem.

*12:01 PM: Lloyd Marcus performs “American Tea Party Anthem” and “2010” songs.

*12:11 PM: Mark Williams, Amy Kremer, Darla Dawald, Melanie Morgan, Howard Kaloogian welcome crowd.

*12:15 PM: Mark, Amy, Darla, Melanie and Howard announce Sarah Palin – ask crowd to stand and make some noise and exit stage as Gov. Palin takes the stage.

*12:17 PM: Governor Palin speaks.

*12:37 PM: Expected conclusion of Governor Palin’s speech.

*12:38 PM: Rivoli Revue performs “Just Vote Them Out”

*12:41 PM: Rivoli Revue performs “Big Fat No” [a song against “universal healthcare”]

*12:45 PM: Roger Hedgecock speaks

*12:49 PM: Andrew Breitbart speaks

*1:02 PM: Jon David Performs

*1:08 PM: Hannah Giles speaks

*1:13 PM: Diana Nagy performs “Back on Track”

*1:17 PM: Heidi Harris speaks

*1:21 PM: Jerry Doyle speaks:

*1:26 PM: Wayne Allyn Root speaks

*1:31 PM: William & Selena Owens

*1:35 PM: “Tea Party Express” Song

*1:40 PM: “Joe The Plumber” speaks

*1:45 PM: Howard Kaloogian & Melanie Morgan introduce Chuck DeVore

*1:47 PM: Chuck DeVore speaks

*1:50 PM: Jim Martin speaks

*1:55 PM: Andrea Shea King speaks

*1:59 PM: Victoria Jackson speaks/performs

*2:06 PM: Angela McGlowan speaks

*2:10 PM: Polatik Rap

*2:15 PM: Judson Phillips speaks

*2:19 PM: Dustin Stockton speaks and introduces Debbie Landis

*2:22 PM: Debbie Landis hosts U.S. Senate Candidate forum – Nevada

*2:45 PM: Debbie Lee Veteran Tribute

*2:50 PM: Rivoli Revue performs “Memorial Day” – Some Gave All

*2:55 PM: “God Bless the USA” (TPX Singers)

*2:59 PM: Conclusion of Program

We left the hotel in Laughlin later than planned. We hit the road filled with excitement and anticipation. The news media was broadcasting nonstop live from Searchlight. THIS was an event that was dominating the news. Wonder what Harry Reid was thinking.

We were going to see Sarah Palin in person. That’s historic, I thought. She attracts media attention in a way that Hillary could only dream of, the same way that Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana did. Sarah Palin: Media magnet.

I call this gallery of photos “We’ve Arrived”, in more ways than one.

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