A Conservative’s View on Generation Y

Chris Hartsock of Los Angeles is traveling with us today on the TPX III Blue Bus. He’s been on board since the begining of the tour as a correspondent for Right Network, a right-of-center TV network that will be launching this summer as an on-demand channel. Currently Right Network is available on the net at Rightnetwork.com

The 23-year old Chris says if you go to YouTube and plug in Victicrat, you’ll find a conservative rap music video that he wrote and directed. It stars James O’Keefe (of ACORN fame), Buddy Sosthand, and Alphonzo Rachel (of PJTV fame).

Chris also worked with James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles on the famous ACORN tapes which exposed the corrupt organization, producing B-roll video. “B-roll is video that accompanies the undercover footage that James shot. For example, Hannah walking down the beach dressed as a prostitute is B-roll, and that video — or B-roll — is cut in to provide context and artistic flair to the entire story.”

Chris is a conservative filmmaker who studied film at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  He’s known James O’Keefe for a while, meeting through a mutual friend. Chris is also the vice chairman of the California Young Americans for Freedom.

“On this tour, I’m covering and interviewing people across the country, and asking them two simple questions: What is right with the world? and What is wrong with the world?” Chris says.

His theory is that there are really six branches of government — judicial, legislative and executive, but also entertainment, media, and academia.  “One of the reasons as to why the Left is in power right now is because conservatives have long underestimated the power of the latter three branches and allowed the Left to monopolize them.

“Many in my generation were raised by liberal baby boomer parents, taught by left wing teachers and inundated with liberal entertainment and media.   However, unlike its predecessors, mine is an intellectually curious generation that, despite its pervasive liberalism, is hungry for a challenge and simply has not been provided much of an alternative to the standard liberal orthodoxy we were raised under. And I’m confident that the more the conservative movement engages youth on the pop culture turf with truly good content, the more my generation will respond positively and open-mindedly.

An appropriate conversation to be having aboard the Blue Bus named “Reagan”, rumored to have been used to transport media during one of President Reagan’s political campaigns.

What is right with the world?  Patriotic Americans who are turning out at Tea Parties.


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  1. God Bless you Chris. It gives us 50’Somethings Hope. I believe alot of us as teens and early Adults were ‘liberal’ but then we ‘GROW UP’ and somehow become Conservatives. I am a Baby Boomer and was a ‘Wild Child in the 60’s and I could say my views were ‘liberal’ but something happens to us that is Called ‘COMMON SENSE’ and ‘RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS OTHERS’ and maybe a sense of our ‘Mortality’ and wanting to leave the WORLD a Good Safe Place for our Kids and Grandkids! MOST ‘liberal’ idea’s are just that – ‘ideology’-they just dont work or make sense!

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