Fellow Tea Party Express patriot still going strong – faces down Cindy Sheehan

Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mom

During the trip, I got to know Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mom, even better than before. This is a woman who is an “adult”. It’s not a stretch to see why her son Marc Alan Lee became a US Navy SEAL. He was made of good stock.

After we all broke from the Tea Party Express Tour, instead of going home Debbie went on to Oregon to face down anti-military, anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan and the rest of the so-called peace nuts. Accompanying her was Ben Smith, a US Navy Seal who worked on the tour with us.

In a news release sent early this morning, the pro-military organization Move America Forward reports:


The anti-war group organizing yesterday’s conference to criticize the military’s use of drone aircraft were so afraid of Debbie Lee and her positive message of supporting our troops that they attempted to have her arrested! Then after they failed, they hid from her, not wanting to face our flag-waving patriots. Were they afraid their small group of hippies might look bad to the media against a Gold-Star mom and a veteran Navy SEAL?

Ron Rivoli holds up a photo of US Navy SEAL Marc Alan Lee during a Tea Party Express Rally

Debbie has been fighting for our troops ever since her son Marc Alan Lee became the first U.S. Navy SEAL to give his life in the War in Iraq. Marc gave his life August 2, 2006 and is responsible for saving several of his buddies’ lives. Debbie’s speeches at events like Hood River and elsewhere have touched the hearts of thousands of veterans, troops, blue and gold star families and patriots alike. Her son’s story of heroism and belief in his mission tell us why they deserve our support. Without our support our troops would become confused, doubtful, their morale would suffer, and that could have deadly consequences.

Our troops need to keep seeing these rallies. They need to keep seeing that back home their support is not waning with the American people. They need to see that every time Cindy Sheehan or someone like her opens their mouths, that we respond in kind!

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Peace Nuts Plead with Police to Arrest Debbie Lee

Just hours before the rally was supposed to begin, Move America Forward’s local contact in Hood River Raelynn, who is also a member of the Gorge Heroes Club, received a call from the local police saying that a woman by the name of Susan Crowley had come to the station and begged the police to arrest Debbie Lee for “inciting a riot.”

At the time Debbie was not even Hood River yet, and the police were of course skeptical. With Cindy on one hand, who has been arrested dozens of times and banned from the White House among other places, and Debbie Lee on the other side who has never been arrested, it was obvious who the police would have to worry about.

The anti-war peace activists, who are always so adamant about exercising their freedom of speech were so afraid of another group’s speech that they tried to have Debbie arrested! “I think Cindy is afraid of a little dissenting opinion and she has to be afraid that our crowd of patriots is going to be a lot bigger than her little crowd of antagonists.” said Debbie Lee.

US Navy SEAL Ben Smith

Cindy Sheehan hides from Debbie and Navy SEAL Ben Smith

U.S. Navy SEAL Ben Smith on the job in Boston

Ben Smith was a US Navy SEAL for 6 years before retiring in 2005. He served in dangerous missions protecting America’s interests in South America, different parts of Africa and in the Middle East in Iraq. He accompanied Debbie on her trip to Oregon to be a part of this fight.

When Debbie arrived in Hood River, ahead of the rally, she was asked to hold a debate against Cindy Sheehan at the moderation of the local paper. Even the paper’s liberal editor couldn’t convince Cindy to go head to head with Debbie Lee! Instead she hid in the community church where their anti-war conference was being held.

The anti-war group was so afraid of us they actually posed 5 ‘guards’ at the gate of the church and hid upstairs. Even reporters from local media had to prove bona fide media credentials as the leftists were so afraid to face to the patriots. It was a bizarre scene as the small crowd huddled in. The far left always lavishes praise up Cindy, calling her so courageous for speaking out the way she does. Where was her courage yesterday?

Since no observers were present the only word we have on the numbers of those assembled to support Cindy came from reporters who had actually been allowed inside. They told us between 20 and 50 were at the conference, compared to almost four times that many at our rally! We had almost 200 patriots!

Still, while we didn’t get to see Cindy we were still able to embarrass her! Debbie and Ben gave great speeches about the importance of supporting the troops to the crowd assembled in the park. They made the case for why we use drones, but that was evident already, they save lives.

Thank you to all who contributed to make this event possible! We are still accepting donations to recoup our travel costs, hotels, equipment rental etc.

Please make a donation today so that we can continue fighting the anti-war radicals!

Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee

By Radiopatriot

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  1. To treat any mother who lost her child in war with the contempt you have shown for Cindy in this article is despicable. My best wishes for healing, all my sympathy and respect to all moms, pro and anti, Cindy and Debbie, who have suffered this unimaginable loss.

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