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Still sorting through the “stuff” I collected during the Tea Party Express trip.  And doing an inventory of what I “lost” or left behind in hotel rooms across the fruited plain!  😉

My email inbox looks like the national debt — insurmountable!  So if I haven’t replied or acknowledged your email message, give me a few days… it’ll take at least that long.

One email received this morning comes from my friend Jo Anne of Merritt Island, Florida, a gal whose conservative politics have linked us together in a bond of political sisterhood.

The Tea Party Express III tour across America wrapped up it’s long journey on April 15th in Washington, DC.  Our friend Andrea Shea-King was broadcasting the events from Searchlight, NV to Washington, DC, on her Internet radio show @ http://radiopatriot.net/ .  To read about her travels, and see all the videos and photos, check out her blogsite.  Also, check out Andrea’s profile, which describes her journey in journalism, television, and radio over the years.  Over time, Andrea realized her true passion and started her own radio program to bring news stories to citizens that the mainstream media refused to broadcast.  Since knowing Andrea for several years now, we have found her to be the essence of a true “Radio Patriot”, defender of the Constitution and the American Spirit.  We are thrilled that she was chosen for this opportunity to cover the Tea Party Express III Tour during the three week cross-country journey.  Now it is time for all of us to do our part and become informed voters.  Thanks again, Andrea!
Actually, the privilege was mine, and one I’m very thankful for.  I’m ready to go out again.  It is the encouragement of folks like Jo Anne and her husband Thomas and the tens of thousands we met on the trail that give me hope and faith that — though we are entering dark days — we will persevere and come out victors in the end.


Radio show producer Dave Logan and Illinois blogger John Ruberry have posted the video clip of Tea Party Express Chairman Mark Williams’ slap-down of Geraldo Rivera last Saturday night on Fox.  If you didn’t see it, click on either of their names to watch it.  This dog comes with relish…


Hey Washington!  Can you hear us now???

Dave points me to the reason why Obama, Clinton, Boxer, and the rest of the Leftwing are doing what they can to cut off the Tea Party movement… check this out:  the Pew Research Center has done a survey that must be causing the Left to writhe. Thomas Lifson at American Thinker writes:

Nearly 80% of Americans say they don’t trust Washington, according to a new survey by Pew Research. Almost one in three sees government as a major threat to their personal liberty, and wants to see government reined in. Moreover, although Republicans were less trustful of government than Democrats earlier this year, quite recently even Democrats have started trusting government less.

I think you’ll want to read the entire piece.


I spent the day yesterday uploading all the photos I took while on the road across America. I invite you to take a moment (or more) to scroll through my “travelogue” of America and her great citizens.  They’re standing with you in liberty and freedom.


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