You can’t polish a turd…

The folks at Free Republic are having a White House Correspondents Dinner pah-tee!  They’re funnier than Obammy and Jay Leno combined.  To wit…

Photo Credit - Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty Images

“You can’t polish a turd.  But you can roll it in glitter.”

Liberty Valance


“Cmon, the birther joke was a real knee slapper.”

— Kristinn


Whoooooaaa …

“there are few things hard to have and harder
to keep .. love and a birth certificate”


OK, someone did show him the Enquirer article – he’s groveling to his wife.


Photo credit Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty Images

“My approval ratings are still high in the country of my birth.”

— The Arrogant and Impudent Obama


Leno sweats, “Is der Fuhrer amused?”

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  1. Did anybody else notice he is wearing a flag lapel pin? I thought he thought he was above doing that! Call me petty, but he has sure got a lot of nerve! When it mattered, he wouldn’t wear one. NOW

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