Christie fires NJ Supreme Court Justice. Huzzah!

John "Marathon Pundit" Ruberry, Andrea Shea King, Warner Todd Huston, Rockford, Ill, April 2010

Warner Todd Huston — the “Publius” on the right hand side of the photo above — caught my eye today with this post. It gives me faith that there are some honest elected representatives who still have America’s best interests at heart. And this one in NEW JERSEY, yet!!!

My favorite sentiment about the U.S. Supreme Court is from that rascal President Andrew Jackson. In 1832 the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in Worcester v. Georgia that Old Hickory wasn’t too happy with. In reply he is famous for the sentiment that the Court made its decision and proposed that “now let them enforce it.”*

Would that we had more Andrew Jacksons.

Well, perhaps we do have at least one. I nominate Governor Chris Christie for the Andrew Jackson award for 2010 because Christie is taking an extremely unusual measure for this day and age. He’s firing one of New Jersey’s Supreme Court Justices and appointing one of his own, one that will closer follow a more conservative path.

More of the good news here

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