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Whenever I want to know what’s happening right now, I head to Twitter for snap news.  Then I click over to Free Republic where some “freeper” is sure to have posted about it, with links to the sourced article.

Today I was there when Kristinn Taylor posted a one liner noting that FOX was running a banner announcing that up to eight others in Pakistan have been taken into custody in the Times Square bombing attempt.  It didn’t take long for readers to post their comments.  They were choice.  (Or as Spencer Tracy was wont to say, “Cherce”).  To wit, this thread:

I certainly hope they read them their rights so it won’t get thrown out of court.

I won’t tolerate BIAS or PROFILING.

Can’t be! Bloomie said it was a lone, disgruntled fellow angry about his mortgage!

This horrible episode is going to take down the entire Tea Party movement!

Has Holder made sure they have appropriate legal representation?

Are the eight others also lone wolves?

“but once again an attempted attack has been [awkward pause] failed.” 0bama. On TV no less.  How sad.

It’s a huge pack of lone wolves!

Wuh?! Even Pak-eee-staun’s citizens don’t like Obama’s Hellth Control Bill???!

i guess they are disgruntled about their mortgages in pakistan too….

maybe they are just right wing extremists pretending to be “Pok-E stani” to throw off the regime….

I didn’t know they had a Tea Party chapter in Pakistan. We’re going international now!

Oh come on guys! You’re jumping to conclusions! There are LOTS of middle aged, disgruntled and teabagging white guys in Pakistan.

Lone wolf times eight. MSM and administration has egg all over their biased faces.

Those angry blue haired taxpayers are to blame right Janet you big dummy

Racist right winger disgruntled over Obamacare, right?

How many Pakistanis does it take to use the wrong ingredients for a car bomb?

“but once again an attempted attack has been [awkward pause] failed.” 0bama. On TV no less. No teleprompter.

Guess it wasn’t Joe Six-Pack — It was instead Pak-Nine

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