Times Square Bomber unhappy with Obammy’s Healthcare Reform?

Gleaned from Glenn…

ARREST MADE IN TIMES SQUARE BOMBING CASE: “The man, Faisal Shahzad, 30, was taken into custody at Kennedy Airport on board an Emirates flight to Dubai, according to the airline and an early-morning statement Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. delivered at the Justice Department in Washington.”

Reader Chris O’Brien emails: “As per Mayor Bloomberg’s prediction, I am just glad they caught Mr. Shazad before he flew back to Pakistan, so we can all learn about the specifics of his policy differences on the healthcare bill. In fact, as we have been giving unsucessful terrorist names (like the She Bomber, Undiebomber, etc. ) recently, I propose we call Mr. Shazad the Healthcare Policy Bomber. Bravo Mayor! You hit it right on the head!”


“The Times Square bomber had to be someone unhappy with Obama’s Healthcare reform” — Rush


Selling out our country — Congress goes short.  Is there no level to which some Congress members will descend for dollars? Despicable.


“Political crises — as opposed to normal financial panics — emerge when the reckless appear to be the beneficiaries of the crisis they have caused, while the rest of society bears the burdens of their recklessness.” – Stratfor Intel


Bill Whittle tears up. We did too.  Here’s why.


Defending Freedom is a choice


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