The Glenn Beck Cocktail Hour for Sick Twisted Freaks

Every afternoon around cocktail hour (two for one specials on Tuesdays), members of the Freeper crowd get together in front of their computers and TV sets to watch and comment on The Glenn Beck Show. Someone brings out a tray of non-alcoholic cocktails (in Glenn’s honor), someone else serves mini Vienna sausages, cheese balls, pizza quiches and other delectables, and we all settle in for an hour of shock and awe. We’re never disappointed.  Especially lately.  Today Glenn told the Crime Syndicate that he’s not going to shut up.  “I’m going down swinging”, he warned them.

During today’s show, some of the Beck fans threw up some great links for you to explore.  You’re gonna luv ’em.

Insider video clips (including the “Ratings slump”)

What about those fire booms?

Obama’s practice of dissing cops

Obama’s Predator Drones

Gore’s $19m mansion

Stu Blog

Watchdogs, Glenn needs your eyes and ears!
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CCX members

Apollo Alliance

Joyce Foundation current board of directors.

And this bonus for all you sick freaks…

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