Bringing the Tea Party Express to Melbourne, Florida

I just returned from a luncheon of the Melbourne Area Federation of Republican Women of Melbourne (FL) where I was invited to speak about my experience aboard the Tea Party Express national tour.

The room held approximately 65 90 people, mostly women, sprinkled with a few men.  As I waited to be introduced, Beth Young, the gal who invited me, whispered there were many more in attendance than usual, who came today to hear about the TPX experience.  I was flattered until I realized that it really wasn’t about me, it was about the Tea Party movement. They were eager to hear what Americans across the country are saying and feeling, and I was the messenger.

So I kicked it off with this video produced by

"Singin' in the Rain..."

Then I talked about the trip, about meeting Sarah and Todd Palin, the fun we had with Victoria Jackson and Jimmy Labriola, the morning we rolled into Topeka, Kansas in a downpour to a park filled with umbrella covered patriots who stood in the rain as Lloyd Marcus spontaneously climbed up on stepstool and mic-less, began singing  a cappella “I’m Singing in the Rain”.  How they joined in, a sea of colorful umbrellas swaying to the sound of their own voices.

I told them how disappointed Michiganders in Escanaba were about Bart Stupak’s failure to stand for the unborn and the people who elected him.

I told them of the travails of travel in a motorcoach with a lavatory that would only accept liquids, if you catch my drift…  Hand washing undies and socks in a hotel room (that’s another story), and the long hours traveling between rally stops in cities across the country, many times without internet, Direct TV or cell phone connection. I know.  It was rough.

Photo by Amy Kremer

Then I showed them this video, produced by PJTV, in which Sal Russo explained better than anyone can what the Tea Party movement is about.

(Huge thanks to Joanne Corby for her able assistance in handling the technical aspects of getting the vids downloaded and routed to the LED projector.  Joanne, currently serving on the Melbourne City Council, is collecting signatures to qualify for a run for the Brevard County Clerk of Courts.)

The folks had plenty of questions about the trip, among them,  “Were there any signs of violence?”  Yeah, the egg-throwing incident in Searchlight, NV and the not-so-much violence but pushback from the “Yes we can” Obama-bots who picketed our rallies in Albany and Syracuse, NY.  But mostly there were just lots of friendly Americans who came out to offer their support and receive our encouragement and uplift.

I held up the book that’s creating quite a nasty backlash in the “leftstream media” — The Manchurian President by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott.  And told them about it, mentioning that one of the authors will be with us on the radio show this Thursday night.  Many took notes, intending to purchase it as soon as they could.

I told them how the Tea Party team prayed as a group before a rally.  How comedienne Victoria Jackson quoted scripture before and after she sang her trademark Tea Party song  “There’s a Communist Living in the White House”.

I told them about Lloyd Marcus and Jimmy Labriola.  About how hardworking and pressured the management team were – working 24/7 from the Red Bus.

So now, let me tell you about some of the interesting people who were at today’s luncheon.

Patti Warner, deacon at the 100-year-old First Baptist Church of Cocoa Village, FL.

She’s offered the invocation for the opening of the Florida State Senate, and is the official chaplain for the Club.  Her prayer today that began our meeting was perfect for the purpose of today’s gathering.  See if you don’t agree…

“Dear Lord, We thank you today for being so great.  And now we come humbly with our petitions and ask you to strengthen our cause.

Your Word calls us to pray for those in authority so we ask that you compel them to do the right thing.  The honest, decent thing that is good for all of the people.  And where you would be mocked or our country would be demeaned, we ask that you give us victory over such as we work toward the upcoming elections. Let us not be daunted with the tasks that lie before us.  Help us to be bold.

Protect our brave ones who serve so willingly in our armed forces.  Give them strength to endure for a better America. Keep them from harm and let us be eternally grateful for their sacrifices.

And now as the child’s verse says, “Thank you for this food, soon it will be gone, help us to remember those who have none.”  Bless the hands that prepared it and those who serve.  As always, we implore you to bless America!  Amen and Shalom.”

Judy Timothy of the Space Coast Patriots talked about the first three principles in Cleon Skousen’s book “The 5000 Year Leap”. She reminded us that contrary to conventional wisdom, the most powerful elected position is not the President. It is the precinct chairman, and she emphasized the importance of volunteering to fill that slot.

Minnesotan-turned-Floridian Alice Kreitz is a close friend of US House Rep. Michele Bachmann, and lunches with her whenever their schedules permit.  Kreitz, who is a precinct chairwoman, told of a three-night Tea Party Cruise to the Bahamas aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas, coming up next November 5-8 out of Port Canaveral. It is being organized by our local radio station — WMMB AM — formerly home to my daily talk show for several years.

Barbara Knick, a member of the Brevard 9-12 Project (“Regain control of America through informed voting”) has assembled and maintains a Florida Activists Calendar of Events.  Laid off a year ago from her job, she “decided to throw my energies into keeping Floridians up to date on civic and legislative events, including Tea Party rallies”.

Karen Fenske displayed some darling tiny teapot pendants, suspended from fine sterling silver chains. Some of the teapots featured Swarovski crystals, pearls or Japanese hand painted beads.  (Matching dangle earrings and pearl bracelets were also available).  Who could resist?  I bought the necklace pictured, and as much as I would enjoy wearing it,  I will lovingly gift it to my sister Nina for her upcoming birthday.  Nina and her husband John joined me at the April 14th Boston Tea Party. I suggested to Karen that these would be hot sellers at Tea Parties around the country.  She’s planning on selling them at the July Tea Party Convention in Las Vegas, but you don’t have to wait. You can contact Karen at KatTheBeach@cfl.rr to get yours.

The Club’s newsletter editor Grace Boyd told me that when Obama was elected, she felt a spiritual darkness descending over her. So she did what she always does when troubled — she wrote a prayer. Today she handed me a postcard, one side bearing the words “Our Troops and Veterans Are Our Heroes” above an image of Washington crossing the Delaware. The other side bore images of five young men currently serving in our Armed Forces, sons and grandsons of Club members.  Accompanying the photos was this prayer she composed:

“Lord Jesus, thank you for our brave men and women in uniform.  They are the missionaries of the 21st century. They go in harm’s way to preserve our freedom and way of life. They take your message of hope and freedom to the ones suffering and oppressed.  What a wonderful Savior to use our troops to bring Your blessings and love to a world in need.”

By Radiopatriot

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