It’s something we’ve been mulling over for days… We’ve been wondering why Sarah Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina over Chuck DeVore in the battle to unseat California’s Leftist Queen Imbecile “Don’t call me ma’am” Barbara Boxer.

We interviewed DeVore on our program a couple of weeks ago.  We liked him. He’s got military cred. He has a strongly conservative voting record as a California State Assemblyman. He’s been vetted and endorsed by Melanie Morgan’s newly formed organization “Warriors for Congress”, and he passed muster with flying colors.

I admit we’re as disappointed as we are puzzled at why Palin would endorse Fiorina — someone we don’t believe is a true conservative. We question her record to fight hard to bring the Golden State back from the precipice of disaster (assuming it’s not already too late to pull off that gigundo feat).

We want the Senate occupied with common sense conservatives who already have an established track record proving they’re who they claim to be.  We don’t see that in Carly Fiorina. who said she would have voted to confirm Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  So we we’re wondering what Sarah sees in her that we don’t.

Now we know.  It’s about winnability.  That’s it?

During her remarks last week in Illinois, the Hillboyz reported that Palin said she believes Fiorina and DeVore are splitting the conservative vote, and that if she didn’t step in, Tom Campbell would win the nomination… and Campbell is a RINO who would lose to Barbara Boxer.  Because Palin believes Fiorina has the best chance of beating Boxer, she sided with Fiorina (who was an economic advisor to McCain during his presidential campaign.  That really worked out well, didn’t it?)  So Palin has thrown in with Fiorina so that Campbell wouldn’t be a spoiler who would force a loss to Boxer in what could be a winnable race.

That’s IT???

Arrrrgh…. Sorry, I can’t buy it.  If Palin truly believed in backing the bonafide conservative, she’d have delivered it to DeVore and her endorsement would have carried tremendous firepower for him, bringing him even more endorsements and most importantly, CASH — the lifeblood of any campaign.  Instead of lending DeVore a hand up, she landed him a potentially fatal blow.

Yet, conservatives are rallying behind DeVore. The resulting blowback Palin’s received from conservatives across the country has been stunning (just read the thousands of comments at her Facebook page), and DeVore’s poll numbers have been climbing in the wake of Palin’s controversial endorsement.

Melanie writes:

Palin fans, who gave her a pass when she endorsed her former running-mate Sen. John McCain, went ballistic when she gave Fiorina the nod.

The story has been covered, but the underlying turmoil caused by Palin’s endorsement is still roiling. It has HELPED DeVore as Palin’s followers tossed her under the bus to stand with DeVore. DeVore had one of his top fund-raising days ever after the endorsement. His Facebook Fan numbers have skyrocketed.

He’s a Tea Party favorite. More importantly, he’s a conservative whose star is rising in the S.F. Bay Area – of all places!! This says he CAN win one for the conservative movement.

In fact, conservative voters ARE deserting Carly Fiorina in droves – and there is data to prove it.

The base is coming home to DeVore:

DeVore Grabs 54% of State Tea Party Poll
Pleasanton Tea party poll final:
54% DeVore
21% Fiorina
12% Campbell

And this:

Sarah Palin astroturfing in California didn’t work out so well for Carly…..Chuck DeVore is up 5 points after the Moose Madam endorsement, Fiorina is tanking… Are California conservatives getting ready to roar?

After studying the latest Rasmussen polling results showing DeVore gaining, Erick Erickson at RedState observed:

“… because Chuck DeVore outperforms Carly Fiorina against Barbara Boxer.

The logic we are supposed to pursue in this matter is this: Carly is outperforming Chuck in the primary and she is better than Tom Campbell, so go with Carly.

The logic we ought to pursue is this: Chuck outperforms Carly against Boxer and Campbell does better than them both against Boxer, so maybe we should be supporting Chuck instead of Carly to beat both Campbell and Boxer.

After all, say what you will about the primary, but please tell me how running a woman who has laid off half of California, sending their jobs to China, is really going to be competitive against Barbara Boxer.

If she makes it through the primary and general election, will Carly Fiorina be the clear-thinking conservative who’ll make the right decisions in the Senate?

Here’s the clip of Sarah explaining her rationale for blessing Fiorina with holy endorsement water.  You buying it???