Congratulations Sharron!

The Tea Party Express.tv wishes to thank everyone for your support in helping us put Sharron Angle in position to take down Harry Reed this Fall!

It is clear that the people have had enough and are demanding constitutional sound leadership.  Sharron Angle represents just that and we are committed to turning up the heat to take it to the next level: Making Sharron Angle our next U.S. Senator for Nevada!

Nevada Senate Race will be Tea Party vs. Obama showdown

So far, tea party activists have managed to engineer electoral upsets or altered the dynamics of races in Republican primaries. Most notably, they ousted Utah Sen. Bob Bennett, helped Rand Paul capture the GOP Senate nomination in Kentucky and chased Florida Gov. Charlie Crist out of the party. And they’re giving Arizona Sen. John McCain a gut check of a primary.

But no place other than Nevada will host a contest this fall that matches up a genuine, rock-ribbed tea partier — one who writes “conservative Republican” prominently on campaign signs — against an incumbent Democrat who cannot run away from the Obama record.

“This is the test for the real reach of the tea party,” University of Nevada at Reno political science professor Eric Herzik said. “Winning a multi-candidate primary is something very different than fashioning a winning coalition with the general electorate.”

Angle’s abrupt rise coincided with her endorsement from the Tea Party Express, the largest and wealthiest of national tea party groups. But Lowden also helped tremendously with a series of devastating stumbles, including her suggestion that people try bartering with doctors to reduce health care costs. The Republican mayor of Reno last month referred to Lowden as “Suicidal Sue.”

In Angle, Tea Party Express leaders saw the ideological purity they sought, which also means they will spend the next five months learning whether that ideology is compatible with a mainstream electorate.