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Glenn:  “The president who has now summoned the BOP president and CEO… I’m sorry, weren’t we just talking about the president who said he would not meet with him?  What is the guy like, the BP CEO?

“Can you imagine if I would say, if I had some sort of rift with Al Sharpton and I said my experience tells me that speaking with people like Al Sharpton does no good… he’s gonna say what he’s gonna say.

“Didn’t Michelle write her thesis on racism?  Obama boxed up a gift from the people England, the bust of Churchill for 9-11, and gave it back to them? May I ask the president, ‘Have you ever received a gift from a relative you didn’t like?  You say thank you. You don’t insult them!’

“Maybe he just has a problem with the English? Is it that he’s white? Is it capitalists? Which is it?  Rich people? CEOs?

She is a typical white person who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t knowthere’s a reaction that’s been bred into our experience

“That actually kind of works if you understand who his parents and grandparents were.  His mother was a revolutionary, father too.  Grandparents went to the Communist Little Red Church just outside of Seattle. They had communist friends.  So it’s almost like Marxism has been bred into him.”  (Listen to audio clip 1:04)

Glenn, voice dripping with sarcastic irony says, “Obama is the typical Marxist who when he sees a CEO he doesn’t know, he has a reaction because it’s been bred into him.

STU: I’m sure the media would be comfortable with you saying that.

GLENN: Sure. Of course they would. And they would say that I could write that in a book.

“I’m pretty sure that Obama may be the typical Marxists that when he ses a CEO on the street that he doesn’t know, he has a reaction that may have been bred into him.

Well, let me just, let me start where we, you know — finish where we started and that is this. It’s good that the president of the United States who has been looking for whose ass to kick, quoting the president —

STU: Quote/unquote.

GLENN: Has a boot on his throat.

STU: Boot on his throat, yeah.

GLENN: Whose ass to kick and has not wanted to meet with the president of BP or the CEO because he knows people like that will only tell him what he wants to hear and he’s not interested in that. He’s only interested in action, it’s good to see now that he has summoned that CEO and president to the White House. Not invited them, not said, hey, can we get together, not had a beer conference. No, no, no. Summoned them. Almost the way Napoleon used to, or a… chancellor.  (Listen to audio clip 1:03)

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