I’ll leave it to the guys at the military blogs to analyze the fallout and impact from Gen. Stanley McChrystal given the boot as a result of the controversial Rolling Stone article in which he and members of his closest staff let loose.

But from my perch, here’s what I see.  A four-star General who should have known better but whose comments, when examined without bias, do not merit his removal.

And in typical fashion, a commander in chief who never misses an opportunity to trade on a “crisis” and use it to his advantage. President Clench Jaw found some ass to kick, a four-star at that, to seem more “presidential” in the process.

Meanwhile, NATO announced eight more troop deaths Wednesday for a a total of 75 this month — matching the death toll of the deadliest month of the nine-year war in July 2009.

The dead service members include four Americans.

Much will be written by brighter minds than mine about this.  Suffice to say, none of this is good.  None of it.