Melanie Morgan, former radio talk show host and founder of the largest grassroots pro-troop organization in the United States “Move America Forward”, will drop by my radio program tonight to talk about MAF’s annual Troopathon.

Hosted by Melanie, Andrew Breitbart and Mark Williams, there will be some BIG names participating in the eight-hour July 1 event, including Rush, Sean, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura, Mark Levin, and Gary Sinise, Rep. Michele Bachmann, John Bolton, and many more.

Join us tonight for the details.


Also tonight at 9p ET on The Andrea Shea King Show

Elizabeth Letchworth of, who’s giving us the inside scoop every Wednesday about what fresh hell is happening on Capitol Hill.  This week:

SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings
Gen. Petraeus’ confirmation
BP & Gulf Oil Catastrophe
Border security