*** UPDATE ***

Pamela Geller writes about the censorship she encountered with CBS Outdoor advertising when she tried to place the ad below — which is the original design depicting the plane flying into the building and the flames and smoke.  Her piece — with the final ad that the CBS/NYC censors “approved” — appears in today’s American Thinker.  You will NOT believe the crap CBS dealt her re: the ad design. We have a long way to go.  Watch for my post later tonight of Glenn Beck’s TV show in which he reveals the connections between Imam Rauf and Obama.  Surprised?

Charlotte sez:

One small step in the right direction. The country is slowly awakening. As I said earlier, this grotesque mosque idea has alarmed the entire country, and these overreaching Islamist rodents have done this to themselves, while underestimating the American people’s “endless” tolerance for deadly ideological and political invasions of our land of liberty. I hope that this obnoxiously brazen move brings on the Waterloo of Islam in America. Caliphate or no caliphate, creeping Shari’a must be brought to a dead halt, then reversed into extinction.

New York Buses Will Carry Ad Opposing Islamic Center – NYTimes.com

This should be towed as a banner from a plane at 500 feet above every city in America. Short of that, this post is the next best thing…