Some time ago, I had the privilege of attending an annual gathering of Medal of Honor recipients in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Earlier, I was delighted to interview Col. Bruce Crandall just days after he had been honored by Pres. GW Bush with his long-overdue Blue Ribbon.

And even earlier still, following the 2004 election of “W” I was invited to the Swiftboats’  “Stand-down” celebration in Orlando, where I had the privilege of meeting Medal of Honor recipient Col. Bud Day.

I have a special fondness and admiration for these men who selflessly risked it all for their brothers in arms, assuring them the probability of living on to enjoy their grandchildren.

Our country has lost one of those heroes. Jim Kouri writes in The Examiner:

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society announced that Army Staff Sergeant David C. Dolby, Medal of Honor recipient, passed away quietly Friday morning in Spirit Lake, Idaho at age 64.

President Lyndon B. Johnson presented Staff Sergeant David Dolby with the Medal of Honor — the highest award given to those who acted with uncommon, selfless courage — on September 28, 1967 for his actions on May 21, 1966 in the Republic of Vietnam.

Four hours of intense combat.  The man was a hero.  Say a prayer for his soul and those he leaves behind.  And for our country, that we have men such as this. Visit the official Medal of Honor site to learn more about these august Americans.