The Funniest Video of the Day

The outdoor signage could feature an image of The Prophet (PBUH).  Matching cocktail napkins and glassware imprinted with Muhammed’s visage?  Stirrers with a bomb-shaped top?  Camel-legged barstools? Turban lampshades.   Hmmm…  As Candace Olson might say — “Now that’s divine!”

Suggested bar/cocktail names

30. Honor Drillings
29. Jihard
28. Filthy Omar’s Rusty Trombone
27. The Arabian Queen
26. Dune Biters
25. Goat’s Night Off
24. The Pink Prophet
23. The Leather Burqa
22. Git Mo
21. Pig in a Poke
20. Sheiks & Freaks
19. Sodom and Gonorrhea
18. Osama Bin Dover
17. The Exploding Goat
16. Weapons of Ass Destruction
15. Alla Assbar
14. Anderson Cooper’s Apartment
13. The Sticky Prophet
12. The Sphinxter
11. Grind Zero
10. Nuclear Fuel Rods
9. Hassan’s TestostoRoom
8. Turbuns
7. Bunker Busters
6. The Tali-bone
5. Al-Jizzera
4. The Gaza Stripper
3. The Sandy Gerbil
2. The Camel’s Hump
1. Hide the Minaret

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