Does this Princess make my butt look big?

Some of the funniest material I’ve seen resides on the pages of Michelle’s Mirror.  The folks who write this stuff should be paid in gold bullion.

And what did Madame Michelle Antoinette de Excess give as a gift to the King and Queen of Spain and their family?  Michelle’s Mirror tells all…

Per Lady M’s instructions, I packed up all the gifts she brought for presentation to the Royal family:

  • A brick from Park 51, the only non-historic building on the entire block of Park Place, the site of the  future Cordoba House and Mosque in New York. It’s  named in honor of the original Cordoba Mosque, Spain’s most famous landmark commemorating the Muslims conquest of the Iberian peninsula in honor of the religion of peace.
  • A dozen jars of Ricky Bayless’ famous La Frontera Grill sauces, including the special Mole sauce we served at the Big White’s Mexican State dinner
  • An 8×10 glossy of Lady M’s first Vogue cover
  • And of course, our standard iPod collection of Big Guy’s speeches, plus the now in high demand Lady M collection of “No Child’s Fat Behind” speeches.
  • Oh yes, and Sasha’s giving them a soccer ball that she scored the winning goal with.

Pretty impressive goody bag! I hope we’re not going overboard, but we don’t want to be accused of being ungracious and chintzy again.

Wiping tears here…