Friedmanism: ‘Sing along with Chairman Abbas!’


Just to prove that kids are the same around the globe, here’s a little tune that’s topping the charts this summer in Palestinian Authority territory. Oh, and remember gang, that’s where the “moderates” are in charge so don’t go confusing these happy youngsters with the ones under Hamas rule – they’d be the “extremists.”

P.S. How’s that direct talk thing working out for ya?


For the latest on Bloomberg’s Ground Zero Mosque visit early and often.

I did, and found this little item: Tax dollars underwrite fundraising tour for Islamic shrine at Ground Zero

(To be fair to our president, the “tour” is a State Dept. deal, so actually it’s Hillary who’s in touch with her inner Hussein.)


IDF Chief Sums Up Israel’s Rules of Engagement

“When someone comes at a soldier with an axe, the soldier will shoot.”

—IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi at hearing on Gaza flotilla incident

[Seems simple enough. I assume when someone comes at a soldier with a hydrogen bomb, the soldier will shoot too. df]

Dan Friedman

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