Dems dish more bailouts

“$26.1 billion dollars this time to (allegedly) save teachers’ jobs all across America – a bill that came at the expense of cutting food stamps. Glenn wonders what the political strategy is on this bill, considering Gibbs came out yesterday and took a jab at the far left – the same day they cut food stamps. Glenn laid out the scenario on his radio and TV shows today.”

“The Democrats found $26 billion in food stamp money to give to the teachers. …House members convened Tuesday and passed a multi-billion dollar bailout bill for cash wrapped states… It’s outrageous. But the bill requires that $12 billion be stripped from the supplemental nutrition assistance program known as food stamps to help fund this new bill. First of all, it’s a scam. That’s not what happened.

“I really think there’s a possibility that this move was made because they can’t get you to be violent, they can’t get you to do the things that would force this President to do the things that he knows he must do. What are those things? So, on the same night that Robert Gibbs comes out and says, Hey, by the way, the people on the left, you stink, shave your armpits, ladies or whatever he said, and he went after them with an anvil, why would you do that when Van Jones and everybody else is trying to heal?”

“Now, it could be that he is stupid, but on the same day that they go after the food stamp program, which is a scam, by the way, but they go after the food stamp program, do you remember with the Tea Parties, do you remember how they just kept poking, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, trying to get us to react and I kept saying, don’t react, don’t react, they want. Look at them. They’re just portion gasoline on us. Poke, poke, poke, poke. Isn’t it strange, it seems like that’s what they’re doing now to the left, which makes Barack Obama look like he’s more centrist, but, also, you’re poking people who have a record of violence and taking to the streets and stirring up trouble. Hum. Hum. I wonder if there’s anything there.”