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“Towards the End the Signs Were Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Ignore”

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Bob Kunst, President of Shalom International today wrote:

The Sleeping Giant is Awakening. The anger we had after ‘9/11’ is resurfacing ‘big time’. Anyone with a brain sees that this Imam and wife have a ‘political’ agenda for this ‘trophy mosque, while he states that ‘America has more Muslim blood on its hands than Al Qaeda’, and rubbing our faces in it and stabbing us in our back and guts with this outrageous attack upon the people of America outraged by these Muslim politics.

This has nothing to do with religious tolerance or the Constitution. It’s a matter of morals, which they lack and sensitivity, which they lack and certainly they have no tolerance for anyone or anyone’s faith other than their own, we all have to submit to, which is what Islam means. With over 15,000 Islamic Nazi killing attacks since 9/11, they have more than demonstrated that this ‘ground zero’ mosque is a monument to those very forces who scream ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America’ and they already have a Jihadist President in the White House to push their agenda.

The denial of the danger we are in has to stop.

I’ve seen 5 Moslems who have come out against this mosque at ‘Ground Zero’. That’s it. Hamas, and monies from Iran and Saudi Arabia and the terrorists, is why they want it at this spot, no matter that they were offered another location.

The battle is on. We lose this, we lose everything. We win this and the opposition understands that what they got away with in Europe will not take place in America.

There are three kinds of responses I wanted to share with you.

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