Lee Rodgers, radio show host and former morning drive co-host with our friend Melanie Morgan at KSFO in Nan’s San Fran, taps out his observation of last night’s disappointment in Arizona.  To which I can only add “aaaarrrgggghhhhhh”.


J. D. Hayworth, John McCain’s defeated opponent in the Arizona Republican primary, is a very likable guy. How he managed to convince himself that his videotaped infomercial pitching a scam to get “free money” from the government would escape notice in a bitter campaign eludes me. THIS is a conservative Republican?!

Naturally, McCain-the-RINO, with virtually unlimited campaign money, lambasted him for that major indiscretion–and won. Easily. So the Republicans are saddled for another six years with the two-faced McCain playing his beloved “maverick” role, even after doing a total flip-flop in the campaign to appear–emphasis on “appear”– to be more conservative.