Last night Bob Kunst of Shalom International joined us for a passionate discussion of Israel, Islam, the Ground Zero Mosque and all points between.  If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to it here.

Today, Kunst extends an invitation to NY’s governor to join Shalom International in protesting the GZM.

Dear New York Gov. Paterson:

You have been visibly vocal in offering to move the Mosque site from near our sacred “Ground Zero” to an area that wouldn’t be considered a ‘victory’ and monument to the very people who murdered 3000 on ‘9/11’.

Below is also a Muslim shop in a Houston, Texas Mall, that is closing for ‘9/11’ in order to honor one of the pilots who flew the plane into the towers on ‘9/11’. Unbelievable. This is exactly why 70% of the American people are inflamed with this stabbing into our hearts for what happened then.

We’d be most honored if you join with us on Sept. 5, at 2 P.M., when we rally against the Mosque at 45 Park Place.

It’s obvious that those behind the mosque have a ‘political agenda’ that has no morality or sensitivity to those murdered on ‘9/11’ and your trying to help has been ignored by those who are not only digging in but openly mocking and rewarding those who were responsible for this tragedy.

If you can’t come, could someone from your office be with us on these attempts to move the mosque, without any support from those behind this monument mosque to the perpetrators.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International