“All politics is local, and even though your president stepped into some serious NYC dog poop recently, that rule still applies to the Ground Zero mosque. Local political pressure is going to decide if the mosque gets built a punch ball’s throw from the grave of 3000 victims of Islamic terror – and local political pressure is slowly building against it.

“Yesterday, the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Democrat Sheldon Silver of NYC, came out against the mosque. Silver, little-known outside the state, is New York’s most powerful politician. His opposition to the site could be crucial, allowing other state and city pols to slipstream behind him.

“Moreover, 9/11 is fast-approaching and so is a mega demonstrationon that solemn day downtown. That should keep the pot boiling and their feet to the fire. All in all, with over 60% of New York voters opposing the mosque at Ground Zero, opposing the mosque is becoming the smart political thing to do.

“Most important, this chain of events turns the table. It trains the spotlight on the stonewalling Imam Rauf. Is he the healer and good neighbor he wants us to believe he is? Is he one of us or one of them? Just where do his loyalties lie? New Yorkers (and America) should have our answers soon.


Is NYC’s billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, channeling Barack H. Obama? Last night hizdishonor aped Obama, and like the president did a few days ago, held an Iftar dinner to break the Ramadan fast and plug “the mosque.” OK, all in the interests of good, clean “inclusiveness,” no doubt. Except the multiculti mayor’s guest of honor was none other than Daisy Khan, wife of, and flack for, the Ground Zero Mosque’s Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf. When it comes to demonizing mosque opponents, Miss Daisy is no shrinking violet. She pulls out all the cards from the bottom of the deck.

Fortunately, even in uber-liberal NYC, that rap has gotten old and we’re just not buying it anymore.

After overriding term limits and procuring a third term, there are always rumors swirling about that Bloomberg is going to make a run for the White House next. My advice to Bloomie: Why waste your time and money when your doppelganger already occupies the Oval Office? One is more than enough.

Dan Friedman