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The Freepers are at it again.  Sides are splitting here.  Check out these captions they’ve come up with.  Add you own!  It’s Sunday night.  Time for a nightcap… and some fun. (h/t Larwyn)

Mary Poppins and Michelle Obama take cover from the rain. — Conservative Statement

An old Muslim custom. Never let the umbrella pass under the gate. — NautiNurse

The Secret Service had to help him negotiate the complicated situation of passing through a gate with an umbrella, Michelle looked tense for awhile, she didn’t understand the process, but the Secret Service bought them ice cream afterward, and the Obamas soon forgot about the incident. — Ansel12

Door knobs are more useful. — Biglook

Obama attempts to manage an umbrella while his beard prepares to bust a move—’The Pontiac Wide Stance.’ — TumblinDice

I don’t think I’d ask for his help moving any furniture. — Stayathomemom

…or, as MSM keeps repeating, the smartest guy on the face of this planet and the most beautiful woman in the world. — Alecqss

Barry: “Michelle, you’ll have to go on without me.”
Michelle: “You dumb a$$, climb over the fence!”
— pke

She is hideous. — IloveSarah2012

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