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Cape Canaveral Seashore photo by Andrea Shea King

It’s an overcast day here on the Space Coast where a brisk breeze is blustering out of the north in advance of a “cold” front edging its way into Central Florida.  Perfect for a walk on the beach, where there’s peace and an incoming tide.

Heading south toward the Cocoa Beach Pier I spot a venue of vultures up ahead, busily pecking at a large mound on the sand.  Black and big, they’re obviously having at whatever it is lying lifeless on the beach.

As I approach I see what’s laid out for them — a sea turtle, long since departed to wherever it is that these lumbering giants return.

It’s a feast for the old buzzards.  Sensing my approach, they reluctantly back away from their Thanksgiving delicacy, impatiently waiting for me to pass before resuming their sumptuous supper.

Ear buds piping in some smooth jazz, I walk on and observe a palace for kings, or at least for sand crabs.  Some little boy and maybe his Dad have put a lot of planning and effort into this kingdom, replete with seaweed flags and seashell architectural details.  I hope they snapped a pic of it for posterity.  This is one for a child’s scrapbook of memories, don’t you think?

A marvelous thing happened that I wasn’t able to capture with my camera — the unmistakably sweet fragrance of orange blossoms.  It’s this time of year when they bloom, sending their lovely orangey sweetness into the air, a perfume wafting on the wind all the way from across the Indian River.  Mixed with the scent of the sea, I believe this is what heaven must smell like… orange blossoms and ocean mist.

Yes…. heaven.

. . . . .