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Beverly in KY sent an email this morning suggesting I might invite Stanley Kurtz on my program to talk about his revealing new book about Obama.  Thanks Beverly.  I’ll do that.

Guy Benson, Townhall.com’s political editor, has an article about his two hour interview with Kurtz, and has excerpted a portion of it in which they talk about UNO.

Now this is not the fun card game I played too many times to count with my grandkids.  Nor is it the pizza parlor that serves up those scrumptious deep dish Italian concoctions.

Nope.  This is something so nefarious, so thuggish, it’s the stuff of gangster movies. And guess who’s at the heart of it?


Here’s a snippet of the interview Benson posted.  Link at the bottom if you want to read it all. And you will.

Have you ever heard of a group called UNO of Chicago? No, not the deep dish pizza chain; the Left-wing community organizing outfit. How about the Midwest Academy? Does the name James Cone ring a bell? If you’re like most Americans – including many who consider themselves fairly well informed about President Obama’s background and associations – you’re probably drawing a blank on all three questions. That’s why Stanley Kurtz’s new book, Radical-In-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism, is so important.

The key word in the title is “untold.” Kurtz, a respectedinvestigative journalist and public intellectual, pored over reams of heretofore unseen documents and data from the president’s enigmatic past, and concluded that Barack Obama has been a movement socialist for much of his adult life. Despite its explosive title, the book is neither conspiratorial in nature, nor sensationalistic. It’s well-researched, and meticulously documented.

I sat down with Kurtz for a two-hour interview that will air in its entirety this Sunday evening on my radio program. For a flavor of the interview, here’s a partial transcript of just one exchange from our discussion, in which Kurtz details Obama’s relationship to the leader of a radical, ACORN-style group called UNO of Chicago:


GB: It’s 1985, and Barack Obama lands in Chicago, at which point he becomes caught up in an alphabet soup of community organization groups. Some of them, of course, I’d heard of – including ACORN – but others that I had not, such as UNO. Tell us about UNO, because that was one of the bigger eye-openers to me as I read [Radical In Chief].

SK: That is one of the more amazing things I stumbled across. Who knew that Obama had been part of a community organization that no one had ever heard of before? And yet Obama really was closely connected to a top leader…of a group called UNO Chicago. ‘UNO’ standing for “United Neighborhood Organizations.”

GB: This was a really poisonous group.

SK: They were hardcore Alinskyites. They really were kind of a predominantly Hispanic counterpart to ACORN, in that they were extremely confrontational in their tactics. They were famous, for example, for having trapped Republican Illinois Senator Charles Percy in a ladies’ bathroom to punish him. He was supposed to debate [Democrat] Paul Simon when they were running against each other [in 1984].

GB: And UNO members chased him into a women’s restroom?

SK: That’s right. They trapped him inside.

GB: Over what?

Link here to read it all.

In researching the book, I came across this hourlong interview done by Hugh Hewitt with Kurtz about the scholarly approach he took in researching Obama’s past and the disturbing revelations it uncovered.   The transcript – fascinating – can be read here.
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