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When I awoke this morning, the birds were happily chirping outside.  Spring has arrived here on Florida’s Space Coast, marked by their sound and several days of 70+ degree weather, beautiful blue skies and a warm embracing sun.

Still elsewhere in this great country, dirty snow banks dot the landscape and folks chafe against cabin fever, the annual post-Christmas disease that afflicts most who live north of the Mason-Dixon.  I know that for a fact.  (This New England gal suffered through enough of them.  An errant 50+ day in February was cause for giddy optimism and reason enough for shucking off heavy overcoats!)

So as I sip my morning coffee and sift through the mail, I’ve found a ray of sunshine to match the little birdies out there, tweeting their happy”Good morning, it’s Spring!” songs.  Kinda like the optimistic chirp that came from “J.I.”  this morning who wrote about the battle taking place in Madison, Wisconsin this week.  And like the aviarian song that signals the promise and hope of Spring, his message leaves me a little more optimistic.

I think people are awake. I agree that this is a first major battle in this civil war, but so far things are going our way. Yes, these people make a lot of noise and cause a lot of trouble, but logic, money, taxpayers, the political balance in the legislatures and governorships, and public sentiment is not on their side. What I said yesterday about “We’re the ones paying for it” is big. People understand that their states are bankrupt, they’re hurting personally, and these greedy unions are asking more more more. We just had an election where the electorate said “STOP!”, and so far, the new breed of reform conservatives are doing what they said they’d do, and what the majority elected them to do. These leftists want to turn this into Greece or France or Cairo, but right now our side is standing firm, and we have majority support.

One thing I’ve noticed in the press stories I’ve been reading: the union people are no longer talking about their salaries or the size of their pensions or health plans. They know this is a losing strategy, because they’re far more generous than those of the people that are paying for it. Instead, they’re focusing on collective bargaining rights, claiming their “rights” are being taken away. Most of the press stories, I’ve noticed, simply say that the governor wants to “take away their collective bargaining rights” or “restrict their bargaining rights”. What gets left out of most stories is that collective bargaining will taken away for everything except pay.So they can still engage in collective bargaining for pay, but only up to the consumer price index. From this, we get moaning and whining from the union people about “basic human rights”, which I really believe most people see through.

Comparing this to Martin Luther King, or even “pro-democracy” protests in Egypt is going to fall on deaf ears because it’s so over-the-top and insulting considering that this is democracy at work. (If Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are there, is this really a good thing for them?) We had an election, the officials are doing what they were elected to do, and the Democrats are the ones running away and subverting the democratic process. People see this.

More good news: even private unions are turning against the public unions. They pay taxes too. As for Obama, I think Governor Walker had the perfect put-down: “We’re focused on balancing our budget. It would be wise for the president and others in Washington to focus on balancing their budget, which they’re a long ways from doing.” Yes!

Rush had a good quote yesterday: “Our mob is bigger than their mob.”

As I said yesterday, our mob pays for all of this, and taxpayers are still a majority in this country. I’ve long argued that more people need to pay taxes (hence a flatter tax system) so that everyone has a stake in the game. First things first, and that’s to correct the insanity and fiscal disaster in the state budgets. Right now we’re seeing real leadership from Christie, Walker, Scott, other governors, and Republicans in the House. Right now the advantage is ours. We’ve got them on the ropes and just need to keep it up.

Is Springtime for America just around the corner?

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