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“Rome did not fall overnight. Rome fell gradually. The Romans scarcely noticed what was happening. They did not perceive the immigration of the Barbarians as a threat until it was too late. For decades, Germanic Barbarians, attracted by the prosperity of the Empire, had been crossing the border.”

— Geert Widlers, Speech at the Annual Lecture at the Magna Carta Foundation in Rome on March 25

Read the whole thing. It’s instructive. And vital to understand if we are to vanquish the enemy among us.


The return of “Fitna”
vrijdag, 01 april 2011
Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, is planning to release a sequel to his movie Fitna next year. Read the article on the following blog: Gates of Vienna

Wilders announces anti-Mohammed film
vrijdag, 01 april 2011
Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is planning to make a follow up to his anti-Qur’an film Fitna. This time he will focus on the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Read the article on the following website: RNW.nl

Time to unmask Muhammad – by Geert Wilders
woensdag, 30 maart 2011
Today an op-ed piece from Geert Wilders was published in the Dutch magazine “HP de Tijd”. In this article he explains why Islam is a mortal danger. One must not only consider the Koran, but also the character of Muhammad who conceived the Koran and entirety of Islam. Read more…

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