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UPDATE:  My sis says she doesn’t know who the woodcarver is.  Do you?

The photo of the wood carving that you see in the post below was sent to me by my sister.  It came with the following comments from the woodcarver, whose name was not included in the note. (I’m waiting to hear…)

Here are the photos — the carver’s notes are below it.

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Hi Friends and Carvers.

Well, it’s done. I finally finished my obama carving. I haven’t found a title for it yet. I have a few ideas but no idea seems better than the others. Any suggestions are welcome. Check out the attachments.

The carving is just over 17 inches high on a 12″ square base. Here is what it contains:
– obama wearing an acorn cap held on with an elastic strap so it’s removable (signifying his business origins)

– obama smoking a cigarette (blowing smoke up our asses)

– obama is looking down in his condescending way

– holding a bag of money labeled “Bank Bailout” in his left hand

– holding an enema device in his right hand labeled “Stimulus” (indicating what the “stimulus” did to us)

– with a Nobel Peace Prize medal at his feat (indicating how misrepresented and meaningless the Nobel has become)

– obama’s left foot is standing on a dollar bill (indicating how the left is ruining our economy and devaluing our dollar)

– obama is standing on a flag that’s draped over a stone masonry job

– the flag is old and yellowed from being beaten down

– the bricks are our foundation from our founding fathers

– there are 57 stars on the flag poking fun at obama’s campaign gaff where he claimed to have visited “all 57 states”

– There’s a teleprompter with “TOTUS” on it: “Teleprompter Of The United States”

– there’s a bag of money labeled “Americans for Change” – the new “Acorn” obama created that received 105 million of the stimulus monies

– the sign behind obama reads GMAC and I changed the acronym to be “Government Mandated Alliances Company” portraying the obama take over of GMAC

– the “making lending easier for the little guy” is my personal complaint with GMAC who holds my home mortgage. They screwed up my escrow account when the economy crashed and so I couldn’t afford to fix their mess so now my credit rating went from perfect to perfect crap all the while my loan mod application was answered with their recommendation to “sell my house”. That’s GMAC’s idea of “making lending easier for the little guy”.

– the nailed on sign saying “obama motors” signifies obama’s take over of GMAC

– the unused nail on the sign post is a hook for the acorn cap if one wants to take it off obama

– There’s a Birth Certificate nailed to the sign post indicating the certificate was changed from Kenya to Hawaii

– There’s a sickle labeled “obamacare” sticking into copies of the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath and the Constitution indicating that obamacare is nothing but a communist take over and violates the oath for all doctors and the Constitution

– there’s also a gavel next to the sickle indicating that the judicial system is also compromised and only helping the violations of our Constitution by our government. The combined Gavel and sickle are the pun indicating communism synonymously to the hammer and sickle.

– there’s also a bigger bag of money indicating the large amount of money paid to start obamacare and it is supporting the sickle (both structurally and symbolically)

– there’s the picture of George W. Bush with the sign over it blaming Bush for everything

– the entire effort is mounted to a piece white pine (from the US) and then to a piece of mahogany wood (from Asia) since China now owns us.

So that’s it. I could have added more to it since almost weekly that moron of a president does something else incredibly stupid and anti American, but I had to finish it sometime.

I have the obvious names like “The Obomination”, “So This is Hope and Change”. “Hopeless Change”, “obama’s Legacy”, and “Change You Can Believe In”, but I think there may be something better to name it. “obama’s jihad” is something I like but it gets a bad reaction like it’s over the top, even thought it’s very accurate. If you could help me with this, I’d appreciate it.

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