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From the fertile mind of Sultan Knish

The act of killing Bin Laden is no exorcism, no matter that the crowds may chant and cheer with relief. This is not V-Day. After a decade we finally managed to kill one man. And on that same day we sent countless millions of dollars to the Muslim countries that funded and protected him. Money that will return to us in the forms of bombs and bullets. And then we made sure to bury him according to their rites and traditions, to wish him a speedy passage to the paradise of Islamic martyrs. Is that what victory looks like. And over whom but ourselves?

Like Winston Smith we have learned to love Big Islam. At least our leaders and all the institutions under the control of our establishment have. And the little Bin Laden sits in their heads urging them to greater and greater acts of obeisance. Censorship isn’t enough anymore. We must go beyond obedience and toward love. East of Orwell’s old stomping grounds, the Tower Hamlets London Borough Council forbade its non-Muslim councilors from eating at meetings during Ramadan. Under Mayor Lutfur Rahman in association with the Islamic Forum of Europe which aims to create a Global Islamic Order, the THLBC shows us that Oceania is actually Islamania. Orwell may have predicted the outcome, but he missed out on the Pakistani accent.

Killing the little Bin Laden will prove to be much harder than sending Navy SEALS to Pakistan. You can direct choppers to a spot on a map, but not a spot in the mind.

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