Are conservatives really this dumb?

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Pierre at the Pink Flamingo Bar has nailed it.  I’ve been saying the same thing in vexed frustration since the beginning of this traitorous presidency.  It has baffled us beyond belief that the supposed conservative brain pilots out there are still scratching their asses trying to figure out “why Obama would do this?”  Good grief.  Are they really that dense?  It is why I’ve stopped watching what the Fox “All-star” panel says.  Idiots.  Same thing with many of the “conservative” blog sites I used to frequent.  Based on their output, I call them Bathroom Bloggers and Bathroom Pundits.

Here’s Pierre:

Why Is Obama Trying To Kill The Oil Industry? Why Not?
July 8, 2011 – 7:29 AM

Have to tell you that I am getting tired of reading crap like this…

 In light of the facts, it’s hard to understand why the administration wants to end these tax breaks for oil companies, other than that it’s easy to make it sound sleazy that the federal government grants “tax subsidies” to oil companies. But, as J.E. Dyer explained so well yesterday, these tax breaks aren’t “subsidies” at all. Furthermore, the tax breaks in question apply to all companies, even though politicians like to make it sound as though oil companies benefit from special breaks. What politicians are actually talking about when they propose “ending tax subsidies for oil companies” is the imposition of a punitive tax on those companies. Why? Because they’re successful? Because they provide thousands of jobs? Because they supply affordable energy for the country? An honest explanation might be nice. Report: Obama’s oil company tax proposal would jeopardize thousands of jobs « Hot Air

Are conservatives really this dumb? Is it not clear by now that Obama is doing everything he can to destroy this country? It is NOT hard to understand why the administration wants to end tax breaks. He is only proposing eliminating tax breaks because he cannot simply take the oil companies over…yet.

When your premises leave you bewildered by the actions of your foes perhaps it is time to question your premises? Many conservatives seem to be constitutionally unable to wrap their heads around the fact that we have a US President actively intent on destroying this country. So we get these nonsense discussion about which policy is best and why isn’t Obama not following this or that “best” policy…

Start from this premise conservatives. Obama is actively set on destroying this country. Now take a look at his policies…makes sense now don’t they? Now all of a sudden he looks pretty darn bright doesn’t he? Never, NEVER underestimate your opponent, it will get you beaten like a step-child every single time. This guy is getting EVERY single question on a test wrong and we still think he is stupid…not deliberately flunking the test.

We need to face up to this fact.


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By Radiopatriot

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  1. Pul-Lease! Pierre Legrand is a pathetic hack, and so are you! It’s interesting. Right-wingers, including those on this board, want to portray Obama as some sort of leftist savior trying to destroy our country, when they’re protecting the same interests that actually did nearly destroy the economy of this nation, setting up the events that allowed Obama to K.O. McCain in the election. Rich skewers the Obama administration and bloodies their noses while simultaneously making the reactive right look foolish with their nonsensical, fantasy-based criticisms.

    1. Soulstraw, when you can back up what you’re saying with some facts, I’ll consider your opinion…

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