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What is it like to be a conservative male living in New York City, surrounded by gays who are all about celebrating the recent law allowing members of the same gender to marry each other?  Jason Ivey knows.

Gay Marriage: Remaining Intellectually Honest Amidst Collective Support

For those of us living in New York City who are intellectually opposed to gay marriage, it’s been a frustrating couple of weeks. After the passage of the new law, I and a like-minded companion were faced with bartenders and other patrons (and even friends) expressing gag-inducing sentiments like “Isn’t it a great day to be a New Yorker!?”

Frankly, no.

It’s not easy to rain on a collective parade, especially when such occurrences are a rarity, but in order to remain intellectually honest while avoiding becoming the evening buzz-kill, I developed some pithy responses: “They’re goaing to wake up tomorrow and say ‘What the hell were we thinking!?’”. Or: “You know, gay people used to be cool. Now they want to get MARRIED? Kids, house, picket fence? Come on!”. Engaging a 20-something with confused libertarian instincts in a discussion over tradition and what constitutes a reproductive unit doesn’t exactly make for light conversation.

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