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Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee aboard our bus just called Homeland Security to report the threat to national security issued by Teamster head Jimmy Hoffa. Debbie was turned over to an automated voicemail whose mailbox was full.

So much for See Something, Say Something…

From Da Tech Guy – Pete Ingemi…

Hi Guys:

That MSM Tea party template for incivility is really taking a hit this weekend this time in FRONT of the MSM cameras and Stacy McCain (who stayed with me the last few days covering NH) and I were there:


Seeing a potential story I took the 90 minute drive to Concord NH and sure enough there was a fair amount of National media there waiting to see what would happen when tea party clashed with tea party.

There was no shortage of tea party members who objected to Mitt Romney speaking at the event. One protester wore a flipper suit to highlight his “flip flops” on issues.

They were not shy about making their opinions known to the media either individually or as a group. Moreover with only a single Police Lieutenant on duty at the event, if the Tea Party members of the Granite state wanted to disrupt the speech; there would be very little to stop them.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Tea Party History repeats itself before National Cameras – Boston TEA Party | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/tea-party-in-boston/tea-party-history-repeats-itself-before-national-cameras#ixzz1XBVknc47

Read and spread the whole thing. The longer the media keeps up this narrative the more they will shoot themselves in the foot.

btw on a side note Robert Stacy McCain has been at the house since Saturday and I’m taking him to the train station this morning, we covered Sarah Palin in Manchester as well as Romney in Concord. Check out both of our sites for photos and videos

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Pete Ingemi