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Katt Williams:  That’s why I always ask my Mexican friends, ‘what do you think of this idea? Since yall seem to like it over here a lot.’ Laughs. And I’m saying if I’m being out of line let me know. I’m saying, it appears to me that ya’ll like it over here a lot. And let me tell you why I’m making that assumption. Because I have no right, OG (i.e. original gangster), to even make that assumption.

But understand this. This is what gives me the right and don’t you get it twisted! If ya’ll had California and you loved it, then you shouldn’t have gave that motherf***er up, nigga! You should have fought for California, damn it, since you loved it! Don’t matter, sir, this whole stage is a circle I’ll be right back to you. Because I’m saying, you think I’m dissing Mexico and I’m defending America. Because, are you Mexican? Do you know where Mexico is? (Heckler, “this IS Mexico, motherf***er”)

No this ain’t Mexico, it used to be Mexico motherf***er! Right now it’s Phoenix, Damn it! USA USA USA USA! Yeah, f- you back nigga, I bet you don’t leave here and go to Mexico motherf***-er! Inaudible. No nigga, do you know where you at nigga? USA USA USA.  I don’t give a f***!  No nigga, this my hood nigga!

(Crowd gets loud in support for Katt Williams as he walks around the stage. Then he comes back to heckler,) “F Him.”

(Walks around stage more as crowd cheers him on.)

“Motherf***ers think they can live in this country and then still be allegiance to another f***ing country! If you love another country more than you love America motherf***er, then get to stepping to that bitch.”

(Crowd cheers loud.)

“Do you remember when white people used to say ‘Go back to Africa!’ and we had to tell them we don’t want to?  So if you love Mexico bitch! Get the f*** over there! And as for my Mexican American homies, (“inaudible” Hispanics cheer!)

Walks back to heckler and begins singing the national anthem. The crowd joins in. Heckler says something inaudible to which Katt Williams responds, “You don’t know what my family did for this country bitch! You ain’t did shit, nigga. We were slaves bitch. Ya’ll just work like that at the landscapers motherf***er! The only motherf***er, the only person I’m scared of is Manny Pacquiao, bitch.

It’s not even racial, you’re a bitch. I give a f*** what race that is, that’s a pussy! Leave him alone, I don’t want him in the parking lot. I want his pussy ass where I can see him. He wants to go to the parking lot so he can bring out that rusty ass knife his tia gave him when he was thirteen. Bitch got a 22 he got at his quinceanera.

As I settled onto the Big Red Bus this morning, our TPX team members David “Polatik” Saucedo and Eric Odom of Grassfire were having a lively discussion about a Black comedian named Katt Williams.  They were watching a video of Williams doing his act in Phoenix, in which Williams excoriated a heckler who was ‘dissing America.

Polatik handed me his iPhone with the video already cued up.  Now, I’ll tell you, it is difficult to discern exactly everything that this comic is saying, but the “mo-fo” words he’s hurling at this dumb heckler are loud and clear.  Over at Big Hollywood, Alfonzo Rachel and Michael Moriarity have both written about this seven-plus minute clip that is sure to open up a dialog about Mexicans who come to our country only to squat and crap on it.  CNN has already interviewed the diminutive comedian who is very popular among Blacks and Hispanics.  “For him to be saying this, it would be like a hard core liberal like Chris Rock coming out and standing for secure borders,” says Polatik.  You’ve got to watch the interview.

“It’s NSFW and has some harsh language, but the comedian is taking BIG heat for his pro-America stance on stage and has since taken to CNN and other big outlets to defend his position,” Eric added in an email he sent out to his mail list.

Here’s the video.  Polatik is working on transcribing it for us.  I’ll post it when he’s got it put together.