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The media loves rumor and innuendo, right?  I mean, 138 articles in seven days about Herman Cain’s suspected sexual pecadillos in Politico.  So… how about the media plays it fair for a change and focuses its attention on the “man” in the White House (and be nice, I don’t mean Moochelle). So far, the only newspaper to report on Obama’s gayness are the tabloids.

Kevin DuJan, a self-admitted gay man (and political conservative) has written an explosive piece about Obama’s sexual proclivities. Kevin resides in Chicago and is well-acquainted with the gay community known as “Boystown”, where the low-down on the “down-low” life of Obama is common knowledge. Here’s an excerpt from Hillbuzz.org:

But, for now Barack Obama is the Left’s guy, so he’s getting the full-on Rock Hudson/Liberace protection treatment.

While, of course, opponents of the Left such as Herman Cain are relentlessly attacked with unsubstantiated sexual innuendo in the agenda-driven media’s nonstop effort to discredit and destroy anyone who poses a real threat to Obama’s grasp on power.

If you don’t see what’s really happening here and are someone who’s quick to believe the anonymous and sketchy sources the likes of Politico put forward when it comes to a Republican in the hot seat…then maybe you should spend today coming up with a valid reason for why YOU can’t name a single girlfriend Barack Obama had in his entire life before Michelle and why so much of Barack Obama’s past is so aggressively cloaked in perpetual and deliberate mystery.


PS — If you ever wonder why Republicans don’t just out Barack Obama themselves, you need to really think about how the Cocktail Party GOP establishment actually works.

There are currently at least two closeted gay sitting Republican United States Senators. There are several closeted gay sitting Republican Congressmen.

All of these men are forever praised in the media for being “bipartisan”, which means they conveniently sell out conservative voters whenever the Left needs them to.

I am 100% convinced there’s blackmail afoot in this, with the quid pro quo being these men get to remain sitting Senators and Congressmen so long as they keep folding whenever Democrats need “bipartisan” votes across the aisle.

It’s no coincidence the closeted gay Republicans are all Cocktail Party GOP establishment types who are more interested in maintaining their own hold on power than ever bucking the system and doing what’s best for this country and their own constituents.

It’s an open secret in the political world that Barack Obama is gay, and that there are plenty of closeted gay Republicans too. But you won’t hear about any of this because members of the permanent political class on both sides of the aisle don’t want you to hear about it.

AND they all think you are too stupid to ever figure this stuff out on your own.

Even though all the clues are really obvious and sitting RIGHT THERE if you really wanted to piece it together without the media’s help.


And if you don’t think Capitol Hill isn’t a sewer, read this detailed piece about Barney Frank and his Lavender Mafia in the House.

Barney Frank & Steve Gobie h/t Silvija