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Jared Law of WE THE PEOPLE writes:

Was The 2008 Economic Meltdown An Act Of Economic Terrorism?

According to Glenn Beck’s guest yesterday morning and on his TV show on GBTV, the evidence is all there.

The two video clips below lay out the facts in only 28m09s total, and it’s absolutely MUST-SEE video. Make sure you watch both, all the way through, if you missed even a few seconds of either yesterday.

The future of America depends upon Americans waking up to the reality of what’s going on, what has already happened, and what we are just now learning, including this. This is just the sort of thing that could help wake up enough Americans to defeat the Marxists and buy enough time to help us restore America…this information MUST GO VIRAL!

Here’s the video clip of Kevin Freeman discussing the details of the 2008 Economic Meltdown/Economic Terror Attack, and what’s on the way, from last night’s Glenn Beck show on GBTV:

And here’s the story from glennbeck.com, including the video clip from Tuesday morning’s Glenn Beck Radio Show on GBTV:

Was the 2008 Economic Crash Intentional?

Was the 2008 economic crash intentional? That’s the argument being put forth by Kevin Freeman, author of Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock M… (editor’s note: That’s a pretty long and scary title). The media is either too lazy or too involved to bother reporting on this, despite the fact that Kevin briefed the Pentagon on economic terrorism. What evidence suggests foul play in the ’08 market crash?

Freeman, who was a guest on GBTV last night,discussed how bin Laden’s attack on the World Trade Center was as much an attack on the economy as it was a physical attack that killed thousands.

Freeman also said that there were some Shariah hedge funds that are suspected of being enagged in “financial jihad”.

Freeman also told Glenn that the odds of hedge funds like Bear Sterns suddenly collapsing the way that they did in 2008 were so low that it raises suspicions.

“Bear Stearns had some financial problems, but that panic caused the stock price to collapse,” he said.

Freeman also said that if America was under an attack of economic terrorism, it is an attack of three phases.

First, there is an attack on energy prices.Freeman said, “That weakened our economy so substantially because people had a choice between paying their mortgages or paying their gas bill.”

“Phase 2 was the bear raids. That panicked everybody out of the stock market,” he added.

The third phase, Freeman said, was an attack on currency and credit rating – much like what is happening in Greece.

Get more in the clip above!